EPIC® SMART Industrial Connector


EPIC® industrial connectors have successfully been in use around the globe in the most diverse applications for many years. EPIC® connectors are particularly valuable in situations where maximum safety and reliability are paramount. EPIC® rectangular connectors are available as individual components or as kits.

Under EPIC® range, we have now added the EPIC® SMART - the cost effective-high performance industrial rectangular connectors. These industrial connectors are designed and manufactured in Asia for the Asian customers. The newly launched connectors are for power and control applications. They are suitable for rated current up to 16A & Voltage: 500 Volts tested as per DIN IEC 60512-5 & with UL approval.

The EPIC® SMART is currently available in 6, 10, 16 & 24 contacts with screw termination male & female inserts, panel mount base, side entry cable hood, single and double lever locking system. With this new range of connectors, users can have the advantage of a superior price/performance ratio and the flexibility of a wide range of solutions to meet their requirements in terms of housing, inserts and contacts combinations.


- Machine tool industries

- Automotive and material handling systems

- Measurement, testing and control engineering

- Industrial machinery and appliances

- Drive systems and industrial automation

- Textile