About Us

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany , LAPP is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology. We have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing industrial cables, connectors, cable glands and conduits and other cable related accessories. We are a one stop solution provider for all our customer requirements.

Currently, LAPP employs over 4500 people across the world, has 25 production sites and is present in 152 countries. Wolrd over LAPP stands for quality, reliability and trust.

The Family

Oskar and Ursual Ida Lapp worked together to create a company of international renown. Today the company has inducted the third generation in the business.                                                           

Social Commitment

Since its inception LAPP has always accepted and still accepts its social responsibility and commitment to the society.                               

Company Value

As a family run company, we are committed to clearly defined values and principles which are based on partnership and trust with our employees, customers and suppliers.


History of LAPP showcasing how a German SME has managed to become a global and a market leader in cable and connection technology.                                                                                                   

LAPP Asia Pacific Headquarter

LAPP Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. strategically connects all LAPP connected entities within the Asian region

Code of Conduct

Here we describe more precisely what our values mean for our day-to-day work.                                                                                       

Strategic Partners

We strive to develop long-term and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with our suppliers, customers and strategic partners.

Career Opportunties


Our Locations

We have sales offices in the region to provide our support.

The Brands

Strong branding gives our customers the peace of mind that each individual component allowed to carry the brand name fulfils the same high expectations.