Spiral Cables

Premium quality spiral cables

LAPP is the leading manufacturer of spiral cables. Whether it's for industry, the eMobility sector, for device connections or for customised assemblies – we have the right cable to suit every application. Each area places different requirements on the product in question:

Industry seeks a high level of restoring force and dimensional stability. For this we assemble high-quality spiral cables with PUR outer sheaths, which can be used as control cables in moveable components or for power supply in motors, for example. Here are the features of our spiral cables.


- PUR or rubber outer sheath to withstand high mechanical stress

- Extension lengths of up to 3.5x the unextended spiral length

- High restoring force

- Various cable cross-sections from 0.7 to 2.5 mm2

- Unextended lengths of > 2.0 m are customizable


In terms of eMobility, our main strength lies predominantly in charging cables. Our portfolio for this includes both conventional spiral and coiled cables as well as the patented Helix. The Helix is a space-saving "tidy spiral" that requires less material than conventional spiral cables for the same maximum extension length, thereby saving on space and weight. 

In terms of device connection cables, we produce spiral cables with PVC and PUR outer sheaths for the lighting industry and for other standard applications.

We are particularly proud, however, of our individual customised applications, because even our extensive product range has its limits when it comes to extreme requirements. As a member of the LAPP, we are in a position to overcome this very easily. With our in-house development team and cable plant, we can develop, produce, and spiral cables specifically to customer requirements. Even cables with integrated compressed air hoses.

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