Ethernet Communication in a Daisy-Chain Topology

Production processes in interlinked plants are often arranged in a linear pattern. This is also called bus cabling or daisy chain. It means that several components are connected in series on after another. The first component is usually the controller in the switch cabinet from where the Ethernet cable is routed to the decentralized I/O systems as well as the sensors and actuators along the plant.

Special requirements:

- The connection from the PLC in the control cabinet to the I/O systems in the field is implemented using copper-based ETHERLINE® cables or patch cables

- In the field, the decentralized connection at the sensor or actuator is made via M12 connectors. These have protection class IP67.

Products used:

For communication from the control cabinet to the decentralized I/O system, sensor or actuator

- EPIC® DATA RJ45 (in control cabinet)

- ETHERLINE® TRAY (for the connection from the control cabinet to the first decentralized I/O system or drive)

- EPIC® DATA M12 plug connectors (for the connection to the first decentralized I/O system or the first actuator in the field)

- ETHERLINE® patchcord M12 / M12 (for the connection between two decentralized I/O systems or two actuators in the field)

- UNITRONIC® SENSOR Cordset (for the connection from the decentralized I/O system to sensors in the field)