Hygienic Design Zone


Food is in direct contact with equipment and electrical components. 

Zone that comes into direct contact with food permanently or through contact with the components in the machines. Contact with cables is avoided as far as possible here. According to the principle of hygienic design, these cables should usually be laid in stainless steel pipes or protective conduits in potential contact areas. 

The components in the machines and facilities are subject to product-specific hygiene regulations. Hygienic designs minimize the risk of microbiological, chemical and physical contamination, so the use of design approaches on all machine components has significant benefits. Simple cable glands, e.g. in hygiene control cabinets, often form a potential breeding ground for germs which can be avoided through the use of specialized cable glands.


In the case of the SKINTOP®HYGIENIC, class V4A stainless steel is used for the stainless steel body because it guarantees permanent corrosion protection and is able to withstand harsh conditions even in the long term. This, along with the use of sealing materials suitable for foodstuffs, makes the cable gland suitable for direct contact with food in production. 

With the SKINTOP® HYGIENIC, the aim was to design a product without any corners or edges. This is because a cable gland in this sensitive area has to minimize the amount of ’attacking surface’ where impurities can accumulate. Therefore all seals are molded to seal the gaps between components perfectly without creating any cavities. 

All threads are also fully covered. Additionally there is no hexagon on the cable gland – instead, each one has two flat surfaces to which screws can be fixed. Corners, edges, cavities and grooves in which microbes might settle are prevented in this way. Additionally, both flats were rounded and the surface roughness was minimized because microorganisms can settle on rough surfaces and biofilms can form. “Hygienic Design” is the term for it.

Three special certificates:

The cable gland has FDA approval, as well as others. That means that the materials used are permitted by the U.S. Food and Drug Association, being classed as harmless. Additionally it has the so-called ECOLAB® certification which attests to the resistance of SKINTOP® HYGIENIC to cleaning agents. As well as this chemical test, it also passed a mechanical load test for sealing ability and strain relief and was also tested for material ageing.






- Detectable cable ties (Detect/TY-RAP®)