Special Cables Solutions

Custom cables for the most complicated applications

And if by chance you can't find the exact solution for your particular problem amongst LAPP's 40,000 standard products, do not worry.

We specialise in producing individual solutions for the most challenging of special cable problems.

Our research and development centre enables us to meet the most difficult requirements.

Our experts will advise you on site and together we will identify the optimum solution.

We make cables from a huge range of materials (PVC, PUR, TPE, FEP, PTFE etc.) based on our extensive technical expertise.

In collaboration with our trials and test centre we subject the products to extensive tests to check their performance potential.


Production to customer specifications

/We develop and produce products for you in a wide range of cross sections and cabling techniques. We optimise your cables and conductors in terms of outer diameter for high bending cycles or narrow bending radii, for high traction and compression forces and for use in aggressive media, water or oils. We also offer a range of shielding technologies; film, braiding or sheath.


Our production and testing methods are strictly related to national and international directives. We can provide you with certification on request.

For enquiries about customer-specified products please contact us.