Company Values

As a family run company, we are committed to clearly defined values and principles which are based on partnership and trust with our employees, customers and suppliers.


- We take each existing and potential customer serious and treat one another with respect
- We guarantee our customers worldwide security of supply through international manufacturing locations and local stocking of LAPP brand-name products
- We are there for our customers all over the world with our competent staff
- We find quick, flexible and simple solutions for our customers
-We provide our customers a competitive price-performance ratio
- We work together with our partners on a long-term basis and grow with them
- We complete our range of skills with strong partners
- We strengthen our global growth with an international network of partners


- Our achievement-oriented organization inspires customers and other stakeholders
- Our organization is versatile and adapts to new challenges
- Our organization has transparent structures which are aligned with our processes
- We encourage team-oriented decision making
- We remain conscious of our risks while driving our growth
- We are cost and result conscious
- We orient ourselves to mutually agreed targets and communicate these
- Our decisions are sustainable and long-term oriented


- Our corporate culture is characterized by treating one another with respect
- We promote personal responsibility and initiative
- We communicate openly and transparently
- We work together toward our goal in a spirit of trust
- We reflect our thoughts and actions constructively
- We secure our future through actively training and developing our staff
- We respect human rights, values and standards in all cultures. We are committed to social responsibility
- The shareholders identify themselves with the company. LAPP remains a family-owned enterprise


- We continuously develop our products, system solutions and services
- We set standards with our brand-name products in terms of safety, quality and functionality
- We are always striving towards improvements in methods, processes and technologies
- We manufacture our innovative brand-name products in our own, flexible plants
- We pledge ourselves to ensure safety, the well-being of our employees, the protection of our environment and the conservation of resources when manufacturing our products