LAPP offers cable and connectivity solutions to various industries ranging from automotive, machine tool, robotics, textile to food and beverage and others. Not only does LAPP meet the industrial requirements , we also understand and embrace new and emering technologies and contstantly innovate to meet the industry challenges.

Our products and solutions are known for their quality, reliability and durability. We conform to the the prevailing protocols and industry standards for cable and connectivity solutions.

LAPP is the ideal partner for cable and connectivity solution across various industries.


Automotive industry is a key segment for LAPP across the globe. We have the expertise to provide the best solutions in cable and connectivity to meet the highest industry standards in safety, peformance and competitiveness.


Cement industry requires cable and conenctivity solutions which can withstand very high temperature and challenging environment. LAPP has solutions which are reliable, durable and ensure performance.-----------------

Chemical, Oil & Gas

LAPP's cable and connectivity solutions deliver reliable network performance and energy transfer under the oil and gas industry’s harsh conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                              --


System solutions for eMobility by LAPP are internationally recognised as being of superior quality and extremely reliable.                                                                                         

Food & Beverage

Cable and connectivity solutions to meet industry standards for hygiene. These solutions can withstand aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals used to clean and counteract contamination.


Safety is key for Infrastruscture segment. LAPP offers an entire range of flame retardant and halogen free cables to minimise the damage and risk caused by fire.                                              -

Machine Tool

LAPP manufactures cables, industrial connectors, glands, conduits and customised plug and play solutions for the ever challenging and demanding Machine Tool industry.                                                                                        -    

Metal & Mining

Metal & Mining requires components which can withstand hard conditions encountered in mining. LAPP cable and connectivity solutions are robust and highly resistant to oil and chemical abrasion and high temperature.----------


Single source, high quality and reliable cable and connectivity solutions for Railways.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Renewable Energy - Solar

EN certified products from LAPP for Solar projects are not only robust, durable, flame retardant, halogen free but are also resistant to ozone and UV. We offer especially designed connectors, splitters, cable glands along with cable for Solar.

Renewable Energy - Wind

Reliability and durability are critical for wind installations. LAPP cable and connectivity solutions for wind turbines are designed to withstand demanding conditions - from excessive flexing to lightning strikes.


India is one of the largest exporters of textile. Textile industry requires solutions which can withstand harsh conditions. LAPP has a wide range of cable and connectivity solutions which meet the industry requirement.