Ethernet Communication in a Linear Moving Application

In industrial applications linear horizontal or vertical moving machine parts are often used. A typical application is a pick-and-place machine where elements must be precisely gripped, distributed or placed. In a beverage production, this could be, for example, the insertion of filled bottles into a beverage crate.

Special requirements:

- Cables running from static to moving machine parts are installed in drag chains and must be suitable for highly dynamic, permanent movements

- The cables should be pluggable so that they can be replaced quickly and easily in the event of maintenance. EPIC® DATA flange connectors can perfectly be used for this.

- Due to vibration and dirt on the machine, drag chain compatible patchcords with overmolded connectors are used to ensure a high level of sealing with protection class IP67.

- Other connectors, such as the sensor/actuator cabling, also have IP67 protection class

Products used:

For communication from machine control cabinet to machine

- EPIC® DATA M12D (feed-through for control cabinet housing)

- ETHERLINE® FD (M12 to open-end)