Splash Zone


Drips or splashes of food could not return to the food manufacturing process, causing contamination. 

Depending on the food to be processed and the materials and design of the facility, various cleaning options can be used to avoid food contamination and keep the facility in good condition for as long as possible. These include dry cleaning using brushes, various stages of low- or high-pressure wet cleaning or the use of dry-ice blasting equipment. 

At the component level, hygienic designs decrease the time needed to clean machine and facility components. If components are easier to clean, this will also have a positive effect on the concentration of the cleaning agent and disinfectant for each facility. This reduces the cost and saves the environment. Lower concentrations of cleaning agents and disinfectants have a positive impact on the durability of materials, which reduces the risk of downtime. There seems to be a trend towards generally extending hygienic design concepts to all facility components and zones. 

Bio-oils, fats, fruit acids, lactic acids, etc. can have a significant impact on the components’ long-term functionality. Around 100 different cleaning agents and more than 700 other substances, such as oils have already been tested on our product materials. Customer-specific tests are the most important here. If unsuitable components are used, the screw joints could corrode and the cable insulation could swell. The components would lose some of their functionality and it could result in hazardous situations. This could have been avoided if ÖLFLEX® ROBUST cables had been used. 

ÖLFLEX® ROBUST, a series of cables that can withstand both machine oils in industrial manufacturing and cleaning agents in food production. This also applies to a wide selection of accessories and other cables with sheath materials designed by LAPP and made from PVC, TPE and PUR, some of them have also received an ECOLAB® certification. Good and comprehensive advice from experts who know the industry is invaluable here.