Industrial Communication for the Automotive Industry

The automotive sector is one of the most automated industries. All processes must be well monitored because a small failure may cause fatal consequences. Therefore, most components are strictly controlled by every car manufacturer. Lists of approved suppliers and components must be followed by all machine suppliers. PROFINET is the most common communication standard by European car makers.

Every production line consists of various machines, equipment, and tools. Each application has specific needs regarding data cables, like maximum data rates, temperature resistance, EMC, the bending and twisting resistance, or mechanical and chemical resistance.

Your challenges our solutions

  • PROFINET cables made in our own factory are approved to be used in automotive
  • Wide range of PROFINET components including Fiber Optic 
  • Our application expert for automotive is able to advice you with the approved products
  • Wide range of catalogue components available globally
  • International standards and approvals
  • Cable solution for Cat. 5, 5e, 6, 6a, 7
  • Cables for all kinds of movements
  • Great availability and fast deliveries