LAPP Connect News

Service on the Rails

Demand for rail travel is on the increase. The sector has a particularly big future in growth regions. We have 1.4 million metres of ­railway cables constantly in stock. This means we can assist very quickly. This issue tells you more about what happens to these cables.

Uncharted Territory

Demands in project work are much more specific than our business in standard products. This requires solutions tailored individually to each customer and their needs. LAPP understands this. This is a skill that LAPP has developed and perfected in both our project and product business.

The Name of Connection

The Lapp family takes the decision to take our corporate identity a step forward by using a single name and logo for all companies in all sectors and in all countries. That name is LAPP. We have always been LAPP. And we will always remain LAPP: a family, a business, a partner.

Ready for Changes

Sooner or later, alternating current will supplement direct current in the industrial sector. For the Lapp Group, this change will come sooner rather than later, as we devote our efforts to the technology of tomorrow, today.                                                                                   

From Being Good to Doing Better

Perfectionists take a hands-on approach to making something good. They exploit the strengths and remedy the defects. They make their product or service faster or more reliable, robust or intelligent. In this regard, we consider ourselves perfectionists at Lapp Group.

The Adventure of Technology

When man and machine work at dizzying heights, in ice-cold temperatures or under other extremely tough conditions, solutions by Lapp often help them to do their job. This is why we are dedicating this issue of Cable World to the topic of “extremes”.                                                                             

Solution Based Thinking

Customers no longer look for individual products any more. They need a complete solution (product & service) from a single source. Service does not just refer to what comes after the sale, but is about developing installation-ready "plug & play" solutions.