Food & Beverage

High-Tech Connection Solutions for Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage industry is one of those industries which are as multifaceted and demanding when it comes to the requirements and operating conditions. As a long-term partner to the machine and industrial plant engineering, LAPP has a comprehensive range of standard and specialized products that meet the requirements of the Food & Beverage industry. Our proven and tested range of products consists of a solution for almost any application.


Our in-house laboratory and testing facilities are also an important source of support. We have been collaborating with many different partners throughout the entire Food & Beverage industry and are familiar with the specific requirements of this industry. In this way, we can develop a credible solution for each application related to

- Dairy Processing/Dairy Technology
- Meat and Fish Processing
- Baking and Confectionery Processing
- Bottling Plants
- Packaging Machines
- Tetra Pack Manufacturing

Wherever food is affected, Hygiene is at the top of the agenda. Production facilities should therefore be designed according to the principles of hygienic design.

The 3 Hygiene Zones in Food & Beverage Production and Machineries

The first prerequisite is that the right components are selected for following 3 zones.    

- Hygienic Design Zone

- Splash Zone

- Non-Product Zone