Ethernet Communication at the Machine Control Cabinet

The machine control cabinet is the connection between the machine and the main cabinet. It is connected via the main cabinet to the office level as well as to other machine control cabinets on the field level. The installation in the machine control cabinet is realized via patchcords made of copper.

Special requirements

- Ethernet meterware for cable trays between the cabinets. Installation via field-mountable RJ45 data connectors.

- Pre-assembled patchcords with RJ45 data connectors in the control cabinet and for the connection to the machine. Protection class IP20.

- Unmanaged or Managed Switches - Managed switches can be used for setting up redundant networks and have extensive diagnostic functions.

Products used

For communication from machine control cabinet to machine

- ETHERLINE® FLEX patch cable (RJ45 to RJ45)


For communication in the machine control cabinet

- ETHERLINE® ACCESS unmanaged or managed switch

- ETHERLINE® FLEX patch cable

- UNITRONIC® SENSOR for connecting sensors with decentralized remote I/O


For communication from machine control cabinet to main cabinet