Unassembled Cables

With the LAPP multi-cable entry systems for unassembled cables, up to 30 cables can be inserted in a housing dust-tight and protected against water. This space-saving installation ensures optimum strain relief on the cables. You can choose between different designs and a different number of bushing points.

What is a multi-cable entry system for non-assembled cables?

Multi-cable entry systems are used to feed several cables through the housing of a control cabinet or machine. Often, the cables are only fitted with the necessary connectors on site, i.e. in the control cabinet or machine.

Cables that are inserted into a housing without connectors are not assembled.

What are the differences between the LAPP multi-cable entry systems for non-assembled cables?

Our tried-and-tested LAPP multi-cable entry systems for up to 30 unassembled cables offer special features tailored to various applications. They differ fundamentally in the distribution, size and number of individual bushings.

The MULTI product family is characterised by its unique elastic gel technology with innovative membrane technology.

The benefits of MULTI products at a glance:

  • Large clamping ranges, variable by 4 mm each for different cable diameters.
  • Direct cable entry without pre-piercing the bushings.
  • The best possible sealing off of the housing and the cables enables high protection classes.
  • Unoccupied glands remain securely closed and sealed.

Get a more detailed overview of our products:

  • SKINTOP® MULTI: The multi-cable entry systems with extremely elastic and tear-resistant gel seal enables insertion of up to 30 cables with diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm. It is available in a wide range of space-saving versions. Special bus glands also allow flat AS-I bus cables to be accommodated.
  • SKINTOP® MULTI VENT: This cable gland combines two major advantages: the elastic gel technology of the SKINTOP® MULTI and a pressure compensation element that does not allow moisture to penetrate, but does allow air to be exchanged. MULTI VENT thus prevents pressure build-up and condensation of water in your device or machine.
  • SKINTOP® CUBE MULTI: If you prefer modular systems, you will love this multi-cable entry system! The system consists of the SKINTOP® CUBE FRAME and a special SKINTOP® CUBE MULTI gel insert.
  • SKINTOP® MULTI-M: The gel seal of the SKINTOP® MULTI-M has excellent sealing properties. It has a graduated funnel-shaped design and is always crack-free, even for cables with large diameters. The round multi-cable entry system with stable metric connection thread can be easily screwed into housing boreholes. Simply tighten using the supplied counter nut to create a safe cable entry.


When is which multi-cable entry system used for unassembled cables?

We have compiled the following decision criteria to assist you in selecting the multi-cable entry system for unassembled cables:


Assembly cut-out round

Ø 25, 30, 40, 50, 63 mm

Rectangular assembly cut-out

36x112 mm
X X X  

Rectangular assembly cut-out

36x86 mm
Pressure Compensation Element   X    

Achieves IP 68

(0.1 bar / 60 min)
X X   X

What can EMC protection look for multi-cable entry systems with unassembled cables?

For applications requiring a high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), these SKINTOP® BRUSH A . Due to the opposite arrangement, their patented brushes maintain permanent contact with the copper braiding of the cables, ensure constant conductivity and safely discharges interference signals.

Find out more about the perfect EMC protection for your multi-cable entry system here.


You may need these accessories

To keep track of your installed cables, we offer FLEXIMARK® cable marking. With FLEXIMARK®, you can assign a unique designation to each product, from single cores right through to entire power bundles. It is completely individually designed, for example as a marking sleeve or printed label.


To achieve optimum strain relief for the cables inserted into your plant with a multi-cable entry system, you can additionally bundle these with a cable tie inside the housing. You can find all product variants and many practical solutions for binding, bundling and fastening under Cable ties and accessories.

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