Smart Cabling Solutions for Cement Industry

The Cement Industry is the building block of the nation's construction industry. Cement is typically made from limestone and clay or shale. These raw materials are extracted from the quarry crushed to a very fine powder and then blended in the correct proportions.


This blended raw material is called the 'raw feed' or 'kiln feed' and is heated in a rotary kiln where it reaches a temperature of about 1400 C to 1500 C. In its simplest form, the rotary kiln is a tube up to 200 meters long and perhaps 6 meters in diameter, with a long flame at one end. The raw feed enters the kiln at the cool end and gradually passes down to the hot end, then falls out of the kiln and cools down.

The material formed in the kiln is described as 'clinker' and is typically composed of rounded nodules between 1mm and 25mm across. After cooling, the clinker may be stored temporarily in a clinker store, or it may pass directly to the cement mill. The cement mill grinds the clinker to a fine powder. A small amount of gypsum - a form of calcium sulfate - is normally ground up with the clinker. The gypsum controls the setting properties of the cement when water is added.

Challenging conditions encountered in the Cement Industry

The challenging conditions encountered in the cement industry pose special requirements for components and materials - as an example, electrical systems in the cement industry must be made dust and gas-proof, chemical, and temperature resistant. LAPP has decades of experience and expertise in this. Naturally, we only use components that can withstand the harsh conditions encountered in the cement factory.

The wire and cable for the cement industry have come a long way, from being traditional to highly technical processing, over a decade. There is a need for consolidation to achieve economies of scale, and bring in technology and quality improvements to the industry.

Currently, LAPP provides superior quality cables, industrial connectors, glands, conduits, marking systems, tools & accessories, customized systems for conveyor technology of the future with the challenges fulfilled.

For Example 
- Continuous flexibility for handling equipment connection
- Dust and gas-proof robust solution
- Chemical and Abrasion / Mechanical Resistant
- Application-specific and long-lasting
- Composite cable solution (power, control/signal, data, and fibre)
- Extreme temperature solution

Technological Expansion and Manufacturing Development

Technological expansion and manufacturing development are here to stay and grow. Henceforth smart cabling solutions composite cable with greater intelligence has to be manufactured, as they are the prime facilitators in achieving the objective of connecting equipment and devices.

Broadly, the cables and wires used in these equipment/devices have to be flexible, extreme temperature resistant, chemical & mechanical resistant, safety with flame retardant, halogen-free, fire survival, etc.

Optimum Performance Under Temperature & Environment

LAPP products provide optimum performance no matter the temperature extremes or how challenging the environments. And they resist abrasions and chemicals often found in processes.

- You could pay less, but with LAPP products, you get more.

- More durability and performance which in the end saves you money.

- Quality is constantly being ensured in our own highly-modern test centers and internationally unique tests to meet the requirements of the products, applications, and standards.

- The composition of the group with its own in-house production in the main markets gives our international customers the security of being able to access a large assortment of standard products with the corresponding standards all over the world.

- LAPP can fall back on its extensive experience over 50 years of development and manufacturing, and based on this has developed various innovations and a high level of production quality and reliability.

- Also customized solution without compromising and ready-made products from LAPP systems for Plug and Play.