Epic Connectors
A cable connection is
no stronger than its weakest link.
Opening up limitless possibilities, connectors ensure efficient power transmission, enable time savings and enhance the flexibility of industrial designs in measuring, control, regulate or drive processes. In areas where maximum connectivity is a must, connectors are all the more vital to stability in any dynamic application.
Producing connectors since 1966, LAPP’s EPIC® portfolio, standing for Environmentally Protected Industrial Connectors, has served as the choice complementing our ÖLFLEX® cables, housing endless possibilities across different market applications.
Small but Powerful
With growing digitalisation and interconnectedness between devices and machines, comes growing demand for connectors to be smaller and lighter to be suited for use in increasingly tight and compact spaces.

Everywhere across diverse industries, we see the need for optimising connector performance while reducing size and weight. With connector size reduction, meeting application requirements with fast data transfer speed especially at sensor/actuator level is also a major concern.
Robust and Dynamic
The paradigm shift of Industry 4.0 has also resulted in further integration of automated systems and advanced technologies, in other words, greater interconnection between different parts of the smart factory.

To serve as the robust and reliable “nervous system” of any operations, high accuracy and precision levels are needed in order for cabling infrastructure to meet the realities of the manufacturing floor, including installation and maintenance complexities.
Reliable Interconnect Solutions
As machines break away from rigid infrastructure, the need for more versatile implementation and quick reconfigurations arises

The solution can be found in the “plug-and-produce” concept, that aims to eliminate time-intensive assembly and dismantling of connectors, hence allowing for rapid deployment in industrial settings. Add to that service-friendly connections and components, durable and lasting parts, and remote access and maintenance – all of which will go towards unlocking the value of Industry 4.0!
Flexible, robust connectors for dynamic applications
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