Epic Connector Jan

From industrial machines, robotics and aircraft to everyday electronics like smartphones, connectors play a key role in reliably routing signals and power. Comprising a male end (plug) and female end (jack), they may either be temporary or serve as permanent electrical joints.

Acting as the interface between equipment and the outside world, connectors provide secured connectivity by withstanding harsh factors, for maximum operating efficiency and manufacturing uptime.

Biggest Connector Problems Behind Every Power Cable Failure

Improper installation such as bad connector crimps, cross threading of the elbow probe or even poor contact point without connector use, can all trigger cable failure!

Find out more on the effortless process of assembling the LAPP EPIC® POWER M12 connector below.

Choosing The Right Connector for the Right Fit
The right connector…
helps to modularise, improve or downsize a system so that it runs smoothly without the need for frequent repairs!
LAPP EPIC® POWER SERIES: Interlocking For A Great Deal Of Power

Powering current up to 26A and ideal for assembly with servo cables, EPIC® POWER connectors are suitable for applications under high voltages and currents such as servo drives. Where space is a concern, EPIC® POWER space-saving design is ideal for small device usage.

In addition, LAPP also offers a variety of plug connector variants for a wide range of applications and with different ordering options – from individual parts, kits to customised assemblies!


Find out more and discover how EPIC® POWER connectors cater to your requirements with space-saving and quick locking twist mechanism

Need help with selecting your connector, or can’t find the required design or dimension? Contact our specialists at marketing-enquiry.sg.lap@lapp.com to discover your optimum solution.