System Solutions made by LAPP, from a Single Source
The days in which the manufacturing and service sectors could be distinctly separated are over. A change is taking place in the minds of people, in factories and in companies: where customers are no longer looking for individual products, but rather for complete solutions, component suppliers are turning into developers and suppliers of complex systems.
Your Evolution of Cable Assembly Solutions

From pre-assembled single-core cables for stationary systems and servo assemblies for fast applications right through to highly complex cable chains, LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® CONNECT offers connection solutions tailored to the requirements of your application – all from a single source.

Our ÖLFLEX® CONNECT range shows what can happen when products and
solutions are seen as a single entity rather than treated separately.

For more than a half century, LAPP's ÖLFLEX® CONNECT cable harnessing solutions have been empowering the world's best manufacturers. Bringing together the perfect combination of products, services and industrial know-how, we provide custom cable assemblies according to individual specific needs, serving a wide range of dynamic applications, all under one roof.
But what makes the customised process unique enough to stand the test of time?
Here’s how ÖLFLEX® CONNECT cable harnessing has evolved - and is more necessary than ever for today’s successful tech-forward businesses interested in growing tomorrow.
Custom Engineering with
“Plug and Play”
Ready to help meet your specific needs, LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® CONNECT plug and play cable assembly solutions enable the ideal connection solution to be customised using compatible materials from any of our eight strong brands, tapping on our 3 distinct harnessing services that includes cable and custom servo assemblies, and complex drag chain applications.
Innovation for
Your Application
Our range of ÖLFLEX® CONNECT products and services has been continuously extended over the years to serve a wide array of applications and industries. We create innovative products for our customers through digital design tools, data modelling software and modern rapid-prototyping technology.
Scalable Solutions
from the Outset
At LAPP, we understand that your needs are unique. From start to finish, our strategic supply chain specialists accompany you every step of the way and build a deep understanding of your product’s needs to launch, manufacture and scale beyond. Our value-added services such as testing, individualised cable assemblies, kitting and more are available for you.
Total Connectivity with
Faster Time-to-Market
Our in-house development and manufacturing capabilities give customers greater control of the entire product development process. Whether you need precise quality control, shorter turnaround times, or add-on modifications or improvements to the product – you can find the solution with us via quick implementation.
Together, We Engineer Progress

With the aim to provide high quality and reliable products and solutions,
we are always ready to embark on the journey of growth with you.

For advice on your connection solution or to connect with LAPP for your next innovative project, email our specialists at