Build a smart factory by unlocking the power of industrial data communication
Build a smart factory by unlocking the power of industrial data communication

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived.

Manufacturing firms worldwide leverage massive advances in digital technologies to build smart factories, which significantly reduce operational costs, increase production speed, and improve worker safety.

Smart factories are able to do this by digitally connecting various factory assets across the production chain, and enabling them to collect and exchange information via sensors and actuators, in what is known as the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Underpinning this convergence of information and operational technology (IT/OT), is the extensive use of cable connections capable of transmitting large volumes of data.

LAPP’s world-leading range of data cable connectors are built for reliable transmission of the highest data volumes under the most demanding chemical, mechanical and thermal stress. From actuator-sensor interface (AS-i) and bus systems to ethernet and fibre optics, LAPP’s comprehensive range of AS-i and data cable connectors meet all common protocol standards, and offer the highest data performance for your smart factory.

EPIC® Actuator-Sensor Interface Connectors
  • M8 and M12 type connectors with various configurations available, including: straight/angled, shielded/unshielded, multiple pins
  • Also available in M12 field mountable type for F&B/Outdoor and control cabinet feed-through
EPIC® Actuator-Sensor Interface Connectors
EPIC® Bus System Connectors
EPIC® Bus System Connectors
  • Profibus Sub-D Connectors
    • Screw connection: large contact surface for flexible and solid conductors
    • Fast connect: rapid connection due to innovative insulation displacement contacts, with optional LED diagnostics
    • M12: enables connection of Profibus M12 assemblies
    • Full-metal special applications: 360° shielding
    • Repeater: for extension of network
    • ATEX: for use in intrinsically safe circuits in Zone 2 areas
    • Fibre optic (FO): Profibus repeater with integrated FO cable interface
CANopen / DeviceNet
  • CAN bus connectors with screw connection
    • Integrated terminating resistor (switchable)
    • Transmission rates of up to 1Mbit/s
    • Additional 24 VDC output for supplying external devices (90° version only)
  • CAN bus connectors in full-metal
    • High flexibility with extended cable clamping range
    • Easy to install and withstand harsh environmental conditions
    • Suitable for EMC-critical applications
EPIC® Data Connectors
  • EPIC® DATA M12D & M12X
    • M12D and M12X coded circular connectors
    • Small and compact design
    • Robust and vibration resistant
    • IP67 rated
    • Straight or angled versions available
    • Colour-coded wire manager (PROFINET, T568A, T568B)
    • Tool-less installation
    • Cable coupler for direct connection of 2 cables
EPIC® Data Connectors
HITRONIC® Fibre Optic Connectors
HITRONIC® Fibre Optic Connectors
  • Glass Optic Fibre (GOF) Connectors
    • Available in LC, SC, ST and FC connector types
    • LC and SC connector sets available in green (single-mode APC), blue (single-mode PC) and grey (multimode)
  • Polymer Optic Fibre (POF) Connectors
    • Extensive range of connectors and adaptors with compatible assembly sets
    • HFBR, F05, F-SMA, ST, SC and SC-RJ families with crimp and clamp technology
    • Easy to assemble on-site
  • Polymer Cladded Fibre (PCF) Connectors
    • Compatible with HITRONIC® PCF cables
    • HBFR4521, F-SMA, ST, SC and SC-RJ clamp versions available
Connector Configurator 

Connector Configurator

Design and configure a complete connector system consisting of inserts, housing, contacts with thousands of combinations for your exact requirements!

Customised Housing Configurator

Configure your own industrial connector housing with locking concept and cable entries.

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