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Complex automated industrial systems, such as manufacturing assembly lines, require an organized hierarchy of controller systems to function fully. In this hierarchy there is usually a Human Machine Interface (HMI) at the top, where the system is operated and monitored. This is typically linked to a middle layer of programmable logic controllers (PLC) via a non-time-critical communications system (e.g. Ethernet). At the bottom of the control chain is the fieldbus that links the PLCs to the components that actually do the work, such as sensors, actuators, electric motors, console lights, switches, valves and contactors.

Fieldbus works on a network structure which typically allows daisy-chain, star, ring, branch, and tree network topologies. Previously computers were connected using RS-232 (serial connections) by which only two devices could communicate. Whereas fieldbus requires only one communication point at the controller level and then allows multiple (hundreds) of analogue and digital points to be connected at the same time. This reduces both the length of the cable required and the number of cables required.

Covering Profibus, CAN Bus, ASI Bus, InterBus, DeviceNet, Safety Bus, Ethernet, Sensor Cables & Fibre Optic - Lapp can offer the solution for all Bus protocols and automation requirements.

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