FLEXIMARK® - Cable Markers

FLEXIMARK® cable markers are solution for marking cables. From simple labels for manual marking to electronic marking labels on single core cables and control cabinets is the best way to keep things well organized and avoid potential problems. FLEXIMARK® makes sure your wires, cables and control cabinets have durable, readable identification that lasts.LAPP's FLEXIMARK® cable and wire marking system can quickly and easily generate simple inscriptions, labels or markings either manually or using FLEXIMARK®Cable Marking Software. This highly versatile system comes in a variety of quality materials to accommodate both indoor and outdoor cable marking applications.

LAPP offers a variety of labels in many different styles to fit individual application requirements. FLEXIMARK®perforated label markings for thin cables and wires are standard marking on site. Customized markings are to create your own custom labels. Marking rings and organized shrink tubes are other markers which give you a good overview of the marking.We also have different styles of collars, such as transparent and halogen-free, which is perfect for use before mounting the wire. FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems are available as separate items or as a convenient starter kit.

Application Range

- Control cabinet manufacturing

- Automation technology

- Industrial machinery and plant engineering

- Renewable energies

- Wherever cables are used


- Cable marking solutions - Build simple yet effective manual and electronic cable markers for core cables as well as control cabinets. Simple inscriptions, markings, tags, and labels can be easily generated for quick identification.

- Easy installation - The FLEXIMARK® wire and cable markers can be used to easily tag even when the cables are present in odd locations that are difficult to access.

- Resilient - The markings are extremely resilient and durable due to high-quality materials. Depending on the version, the markings can be highly flexible, acid-resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, hydrolysis and microorganism resistant and withstand high temperatures.

- Material - The markings are available in plastic materials like PVC, polyester, polyolefin, or stainless-steel material that can be transparent, elastic or halogen-free

-  Manual labelling solutions are available at a competitive price. There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and one or two-line printing is possible.

FLEXIMARK® - Cable Markers are Classified as Below


FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking

- Customized System Cable Marking

- PC Marking Laser printing Cable Marking

- PC Marking Thermal transfer printing Cable Marking

- Basic System Cable Marking


FLEXIMARK® Component Marking

- PC Marking Thermal transfer printing Component Marking


FLEXIMARK® Accessories PC Marking

- FLEXIMARK® Software

- FLEXIMARK® Printing systems


FLEXIMARK® Character Holders and Accessories

- FLEXIMARK® Character holders

- Accessories character holders

- Cable bundling

Popular Products

FLEXIMARK® wrapping labels LCK

Features Applications
- Waterproof - Wind energy
- UV resistant - Solar energy
- Halogen free - Mechanical & plant energy

FLEXIMARK® stainless steel FCC

Features Applications
- Temperature Resistant - Harsh conditions
- UV resistant - Railway industry, food industry, wind industry, oil & gas industry
- Oil Resistant - Mechanical & plant energy


Features Applications
- Long service life - Printing with commercial laser printers
- UV resistant - Mechanical & plant energy
- Halogen free - Control cabinets


FLEXIMARK® wrapping labels TCK

Features Applications
- Waterproof - Printing with commercial laser printers
- UV resistant - Control cabinets
- Halogen free - Mechanical & plant energy

FLEXIMARK® TA labels component marking

Features Applications
- Good chemical resistant - Control cabinets
- UV resistant - Identification of electrical components, panels, push button & information sign
- Halogen free - Mechanical & plant energy

FLEXIMARK® character holders PTE

Features Applications
- PWIS-free - Suitable for holding text & character strips
- Acid resistant - For process industries
- Suitable for outdoor use - For cable & conduit marking

FLEXIMARK® stainless steel kit

Features Applications
- Corrosion resistant - Markers could be used in any industry with a demanding environment (e.g. oil & gas, railways)
- UV resistant - Cable & component marking
- Temperature resistant - Quick & easy on-site assembly

KMK label holders

Features Applications
- Wide variants - Suitable for marking & bundling several conductors & cables in indoor areas
- Flame retardant - For bundle diameters 10 - 31 mm
- Halogen free - Mechanical & plant energy

Marking rings PA

Features Applications
- UV resistant - For single core marking
- Flame retardant - Marking before assembly
- Wide range - For cable installation before connection


  • FLEXIMARK® offers a great solution for marking cables. The easy to assemble markers can be attached onto the cables through a tag. They are available in different materials like plastic and stainless steel.
  • Cable markers are used to permanently identify cables. They provide a simple and effective overview of wires and cables inside the cabinet.
  • We have stainless steel FCC, Cablelabel PUR FCC, Cablemarking FCC, Organized shrink tube FCC, Shrink mark FCC & Flexiprint FCC.
  • Depending on the material and construction type, the cable markers can sustain a temperature range from -30°C to +150°C.