UNITRONIC® - Shielded & Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable

UNITRONIC® is the brand of choice if you want fast, safe, and forward-thinking solutions for transferring data. High-quality UNITRONIC® data network cables & field bus components provide excellent solutions for applications in industrial machinery and plant engineering.  From the transmission of simple control signals to field bus signals in complex network structures, we offer a dependable cabling and connection solution.

Application Areas

- Industrial machinery and plant engineering

- Sensors and actuating elements

- Appliances

- Measurement and control technology

- Automated production processes and industrial robots

- Bus systems

- Computing and communication systems


- Robust and durable - Reliable low-frequency data cables that can withstand rough conditions and harsh environments. The cable outer sheath is UV, Ozone, and chemical resistant and these qualities make them suitable for a wide range of usage. Cables are designed to perform under mechanical stress in humid conditions and at various temperatures. Cable options for both fixed as well flexible installations are available to choose from a wide range of products.

- Flexible - Fine wire construction of conductors makes UNITRONIC® cables flexible and hence can be applied with a low bending radius and can be easily routed in tightly packed conduits and pathways. A specialized version of these cables can also withstand the torsion and can be twisted longitudinally.

- High-temperature cables- A range of UNITRONIC® cables classified as "HEAT" can be used for high-temperature applications.

- Halogen-free - The toxicity of smoke in the event of a fire within the factory premises is one of the highest concerns for the safety of people working on the factory floor. A range of UNITRONIC® cables, made in accordance with the IEC standards, these cables with halogen-free insulation and outer sheath compounds ensure the fast and safe evacuation of people from affected areas.

- Available with international accreditation IEC 60332-1-2, CSA, CE, UL approved, and ECOLAB®

- Protocol supported cables PROFIBUS®, CANBUS®, DEVICENET, MODBUS RS485.

When a lossless transmission of data has to be guaranteed in fields with strong interference, our UNITRONIC® data network cables with screening variations are the best solutions. Unshielded twisted paired cables reduce decoupling. As a result, additional screening is often not required. Twisted pairs with overall braid minimize electrical interference. Cables with individually screened cores/pairs and an additional overall screening remain flexible despite multiple screening. Apart from screening, our data cables have tinned copper conductor with PVC/PE/Polyolefin insulation. The cables are also available with different outer jackets like Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polyurethane (PUR) and Rubber.

UNITRONIC® - Shielded & Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables are Classified as Below

- Low frequency data cables

Shielded and unshielded twisted data cables for low-frequency transmission – for fixed and flexible installation, continuous flexing application.

- Coaxial cables

RG and RGB cables for high-frequency data transmission, fixed and conditional flexing, in- and outdoor applications, extreme temperatures.

- BUS systems

Supports all major fieldbus systems such as PROFIBUS® (DP and PA), CAN, Device net, CC-Link®, AS-Interface, ISOBUS, Foundation Fieldbus, and KNX®. These are cables for in- and outdoor, extreme temperatures, fixed/flexible installation, and high flexible application.

- Sensor/actuator cabling

The complete range of M8-, M12- and valve connectors, cables, cord sets, matching distribution boxes, and accessories. Available as shielded/unshielded version, optional LEDs, with different cable materials and connection technologies.

In addition to the above range of cables, we have cables ‘Manufactured in India’ to meet country-specific market requirements:


Basic shielded and unshielded bus system installation cable meets the requirements of ISA/SP50 and the FOUNDATION™ field bus for Type A cable.


- Available in variations: PVC/C PVC/LSZH/C LSZH.

Popular Categories

Popular Products


Features Applications
- Power chain - Cable suitable for torsion applications in wind turbines.
- Oil resistant - Durable, resistant product thanks to the outer sheath PU material that is resistant to abrasions, notches and cuts.
- Flame retardant - Suitable for torsional applications


Features Applications
- EMC complaint - Suitable for the RS422 and RS485 interfaces
- Flame retardant - Transmission of weak, sensitive signals and high bit rates
- Low-capacitance - Used in dry or damp rooms


Features Applications
- Temperature resistant - Control and signal cables for internal and external wiring
- Outdoor use - Low voltage and process control
- EMC complaint - Wiring of devices, machines and plants


Features Applications
- EMC complaint - Dry or damp rooms
- Flame retardant - Computer systems
- Occasional flexible - Electronic control and regulating devices


Features Applications
- Flame retardant - Fixed installation
- Modbus - Dry or damp rooms
- Long distence - Bus cables for bus systems such as Modbus, SUCOnet P, Modulink P, VariNet-P


Features Applications
- Fast connect - Fixed installation
- Oil & UV resistant - Application in process automation for connecting sensors & actuators
- Flame retardant - Industrial automation


Features Applications
- PROFIBUS-DP - Fixed installation
- FMS & FIP - Dry or damp rooms
- Flame retardant - Industrial automation


Features Applications
- Flame retardant - Fixed installation
- Halogen Free - For highly flexible applications
- Power chain - Industrial automation


Features Applications
- UV resistant - For increased mechanical stress
- Good resistance to oils and chemicals - Factory automation with vibration resistant
- Power chain - Industrial automation


  • Twisted pair cable is most commonly used to transmit and control signals in computing and communication systems, data networks, and bus components. They are widely applied in industrial machinery and plant engineering, sensors and actuating elements, appliances, measurement, and control technology.
  • There are two basic types: shielded twisted pair (STP) cable, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. Unshielded twisted pair cables have wires that are twisted together without any foil or mesh shield. On the other hand, shielded twisted pair cables have foil or mesh shields that protect them from electromagnetic interference.
  • Twisted pair copper cables are usually made up of two copper wires that are insulated and twisted together. The individual wires have a thinner diameter, and the twisting helps in cancelling electromagnetic interference. Such cables are easily found in telephone networks.
  • Coaxial cable has an inner conductor surrounded by an insulating layer and then a conductive layer of shielding. Twisted pair cables have two conductors that are twisted together to improve electromagnetic compatibility. Both are used for the transmission of signals. In coaxial cables, the transmission occurs through the inner conductor, while in twisted pair cables, transmission occurs through the conducting wires.
  • Shielded twisted pair cables have upto four pairs of metallic conductors that are twisted together. Each twisted pair is then shielded and grounded to reduce electromagnetic and radio wave interference.
  • In twisted pair cables, both shielded and unshielded type, two individual conductors are twisted together. The conductors are twisted to improve their electromagnetic compatibility and prevent any external interference.