ETHERLINE® - Active Network Components

Ethernet technology-based networks are playing an increasingly important role in industries. Our ETHERLINE® portfolio offers comprehensive solutions for your Ethernet network. You can always rely on our products to avoid downtimes and expensive breakdowns. The systems are made up of durable and robust cables and connection components for passive and active network technology to deliver an effective solution.

Our cables have Polyolefin or Foam skin insulation which will create lower capacitance to provide faster communication. With outer jackets in Polyurethane (PUR)/ Halogen free compound material, we provide robustness for industrial networking challenges. ETHERLINE® cables are constructed with different combination of screening like pair screening, overall screening or steel wire braiding.For seamless connectivity, LAPP also offers matching field-mountable connectors and pre-assembled patch cables and ETHERLINE® Access - managed and unmanaged switches for varied applications. Our products are thoroughly tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure that we can provide the quality that you have come to expect from us.

Application Areas

- Industry and building networks

- Industrial machinery and plant engineering

- Automation technology

- Control engineering


- Varied range - Comprehensive range of active as well as passive network components which vary from switches, routers, cables, connectors, and accessories for total network connectivity and availability. The Ethernet technology-based building blocks offer reliable system solutions for seamless connectivity. The ETHERLINE® brand also offers a compatible range of connectors and patch cords.

- Halogen-free- One of the biggest concerns in case of a fire within the factory premises is evacuating people safely and safeguarding them from the toxic fumes. A set of cables from ETHERLINE® have halogen-free outer sheaths made in accordance with the IEC standards. Upon burning, the halides release toxic fumes that are corrosive and a threat to human life.

- Flexible - The ETHERLINE® brand has various ranges of cables that are either occasionally or continuous flexing. The flexibility of the wires depends on their braided conductor class, torsion angle, and bending radius. The features differ among the cables in this range making them suitable for a wide variety of uses. The cables have a polyurethane (also referred to as PUR, PU, TPU) sheath. It is a thermosetting material that has UV-resistant, waterproof properties and makes the cable flexible.

- High-speed data transfer - The ETHERLINE® cables support high speeds up to 10Gbps and a high bandwidth 600MHz. These cables are suitable to be fitted in a commercial or industrial network where the speed is necessary for the equipment to work seamlessly. For reliable network connectivity, we also offer services like consulting, network design and planning, analysis, and support.

- EMI and EMC protection - Some cables are shielded for enhanced protection from electromagnetic interference EMI and EMC caused due by the various machinery and fluorescent lighting or even power lines nearby. The shielding protects the cables from being affected by external noise and maintains seamless connectivity.

- International accreditation - Meets and exceeds international performance standards like TIA 568 and ISO 11801.

- Special protocol-specific cables like PROFINET®, ETHERNET/IP, and CC-LINK IE are also available.

ETHERLINE® Active Network Components are Classified as Below

ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Cable

- Resilient cabling solutions for demand­ing industrial Ethernet applications

- Compliance with international standards (e.g. PROFINET®)

- Field-mountable connectors – quick assembly and reliable without special tools

- Pre-assembled patch cables with over molded connectors


ETHERLINE® LAN Structured Building Cabling

- Cables ranging from Cat.5e upto Cat.7A

- Transmission frequencies up to 1600MHz

- Office patch cables complying with Cat.6A

- Field-mountable connectors as well as accessories


ETHERLINE® ACCESS Managed and Unmanaged Switches

- Reliable and robust industrial Ethernet switches

- Easy construction of redundant networks with quick reconfiguration time of less than 20ms

- High quality and availability of industrial networks

Popular Products


Features Applications
- EMC compliant - Plant construction & machine manufacturer
- Highly resistant to mineral oils & abrasion - EtherCAT & EtherNet/IP applications
- Halogen free - For use in power chains


Features Applications
- EMC compliant - Plant construction & machine manufacturer
- Power chain - EtherCAT & EtherNet/IP applications
- Halogen free - For use in power chains


Features Applications
- Oil resistant - Plant construction & machine manufacturer
- UV resistant - EtherCAT & EtherNet/IP applications
- Halogen free - Outdoor applications
Features Applications
- Oil resistant - Suitable for torsional applications
- Halogen free - Industrial Ethernet in harsh industrial environments
- Torsional resistant - EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP applications


Features Applications
- EMC compliant - Area where the end device density is very high
- Halogen free - For office wiring, administration & development buildings in the tertiary sector
- Flame retardant - LAN connection


Features Applications
- Flame retardant - Used in Railway vehicles and buses
- High chemical properties - Used in area with ambient temperature
- Halogen free - Suitable for connecting to camera system and ticketing system for passengers


Features Applications
- EMC compliant - For Industrial secondary & tertiary cabling
- Power chain - Wiring of machines, tools, devices, application & control cabinets
- Halogen free - Max. cable length for 100 Mbit/s is 85 m & Max. cable length for 10Gbit/s is 85 m


Features Applications
- Housing: Nickel-plated brass - Field mountable
- Ethernet - IP68 housing included
- EMC connection - For Industrial Ethernet

Connector RJ45 CAT.6 Hirose TM21

Features Applications
- Channel class E for CAT.6 - Connectors for office network
- EMC connection - For CAT.6 cable connection
- Anti-kink protection - LAN connection


  • The five network components include the NIC switch. Hub, cable, modem, and router.

  • Active components in a network are devices that are capable of delivering energy to the circuit. On the other hand, passive components do not require energy to operate. The active networking components include a switch, print server, router, hub, repeater, access point, etc. Passive components include chassis, resistor, capacitor, inductor, or transformer.

  • A network switch is a hardware component that connects user devices with the network using packets to receive and forward data. As it is capable of receiving and delivering energy, it is considered an active component.

  • Etherline supports PROFINET®, Modbus TCP, EtherNET/IP, CC-Link IE and POWERLINK protocols.