Latch protection with colour coding; Polyoxymethylene; POM; blue

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  • Extends the latch of the RJ45 plug, thereby guaranteeing a better grip.
  • Serves for better colour identification on Ethernet cordsets when many lines of the same colour are used (e.g. in PROFINET network).
  • Available in different colours.


  • For use in control cabinets.
  • For use with ETHERLINE® RJ45 cordsets from LAPP.
  • Especially for devices with a very high port density.
  • Especially for switches with deep inside sockets.
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Technical Attributes

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Colour-coded detent protection

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Product Family List

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Article number Colour Housing base material Housing base material, short form
2173014 white Polyoxymethylene POM
2173015 red Polyoxymethylene POM
2173016 blue Polyoxymethylene POM
2173017 yellow Polyoxymethylene POM
2173018 green Polyoxymethylene POM
2173019 black Polyoxymethylene POM
2173020 orange Polyoxymethylene POM
2173021 violet Polyoxymethylene POM
2173022 grey Polyoxymethylene POM
2173023 pink Polyoxymethylene POM
2173024 beige Polyoxymethylene POM
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