öLFLEX® CONNECT - System Solutions made by LAPP


LAPP, a global leader in cable and connection technology brings to you öLFLEX® CONNECT - a cable assembly solution ranging from specialised harness and customised servo assemblies to complex high speed drag chain systems.

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Cable Systems made by LAPP

Our cable assembly product range stretches from single core and multicore cables through to EMC-shielded cables, all of which can be fitted with a wide selection of crimp contacts, connectors and housings. We also offer highly flexible and durable spiral cables in premium quality, as well as glass fibre assemblies, which we can produce, test and deliver in both standards and custom lengths.

Our dedicated and highly qualified teams of engineers, technicians, sales and service personnel have been coming up with customised assembled cable solution – from the design phase to the creation of the prototype, right through to production and quality control.

We produce different cables for CNC machinery, switch boxes, control cabinets and electrical assemblies. We have state-of-the-art system solutions assembly sites around the world.

Our comprehensive range of services:

  • Cable cutting as required
  • Unwinding with specified bending radius
  • Stripping, crimping, heat shrinking
  • Markings, printing & testing

Cable harness with different connectors and end sleeves

Extruded e-mobility cabling

Cable with ring eyelets

Cable with heat shrink tube, crimps and circular connector


Servo Systems made by LAPP

As a leading manufacturer of assembled servo cable systems, we offer solutions for all industry standards for customers from different areas of mechanical engineering and drive systems.

LAPP has a long history of manufacturing servo cables and connectors, which makes us uniquely capable of providing on-target solutions for all your servo-application needs: servo cables in three performance classes, connectors with standard inter-locking screws or rapid interlocking system and over molded assemblies.


  • Cutting-edge technology
  • RFID option
  • Highly competent design knowledge
  • Solutions for all industry standards such as SIEMENS®, LENZE®, SEW® etc.



Chain Systems made by LAPP

A cable chain is a mechanical system designed to protect, carry and guide cables (power, control, data or fiber optics) and hoses (hydraulic or pneumatic) in dynamic motion applications - to transfer power and signal between two points in relative movement to each other (translation, rotation or combined movements). That is why cable chains are also considered an energy supply system for equipment with motion sub-systems.

Cable chain also referred to as drag chain, drag chain systems, cable track, cable carrier, energy chain.


  • High speed and acceleration
  • The ability to carry different kinds of utilities (power, signal, data cables, hydraulic and industrial hoses)
  • Compatibility of their use in harsh environments
  • Much lower length of the utilities with equal travel distance of the mobile point
  • Less and easier maintenance
  • Shorter installation times (no motors or drives needed like in reels of festoons)

Chain Nylon

Chain Standard

Chain Steel

Chain Hybrid