LAPP is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology and an expert in the market. Below is a selection of technical white papers that have been developed with the intent to educate and share our knowledge with professionals in the many industries we serve.


What do I have to pay attention to when selecting a servo assembly? High quality, of course, and that the properties of the cable match the application. This requires different varieties. These are available from LAPP in the ÖLFLEX® CONNECT SERVO range.                                                                                                         

Cables and Connectors for F&B Industry                                                         


Wherever food is involved, hygiene is at the top of the agenda. Production facilities should therefore be produced according to the principles of Hygienic Design. In our white paper you can learn what types of hygiene zones there are and what needs to be considered when it comes to cables, connectors and cable glands.

Reliable VFD Cables Boost Productivity, Minimize Downtime


VFDs, also known as adjustable speed drives, have become increasingly prevalent in industrial applications where frequency is used to adjust motor speed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

High Acceleration Servo Motors Create Cabling Challenges


Can your cable keep up with faster machinery?                                                 

Cable Carrier Design Guidelines                                                   


Extend the life of cable carriers and the components they protect.

Protecting Cables From Oil Damage                                                                               


Learn how critical oil resistance is for the life of your application.