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EPIC® rectangular connectors offer 11 different contact insert types and 2 housing series sizes to handle application requirements up to 1000 volts, 82 amps, and from 3 to 280 contacts.


Rugged aluminum alloy enclosures provide environmental protection ratings of IP65, NEMA 4 and 12. All EPIC® rectangular connector products are UL (E75770) recognized for use in the USA and Canada.


Guides are available to help you select the right rectangular connector configuration: single vs. double bolt hood guide and top vs. side entry hood guide.


Key Product Features

  • Compatible with most equivalent DIN type rectangular connectors
  • Custom housing modifications, harness assemblies, and a comprehensive offering of cable and accessory products for unsurpassed application flexibility and support
  • Digital product selector & cross reference tools  provide 24/7/365 support

Technical Data

Specifications: DIN 43652

Temperature range:

  • EPIC® HB & HA: -40°C to +125°C
  • EPIC® ULTRA: -40°C to +100°C

Protection class*: IP65, UL 50E Type 4, 4X, 12 or IP65 (consult for availability)

* EPIC® connectors meet protection class standards only when in the mated condition. Please refer to individual product pages for applicable class ratings



  • EPIC® ULTRA: nc kel-plated zinc; stainless steel locking levers & bolts
  • EPIC® HB 6 - 48 & EPIC® HA 10 - 64: au minum alloy; powder-coated (gray RAL 9006); zinc-plated steel locking levers & bolts
  • EPIC® HA 3/4: de -cast zinc; powder-coated or thermoplastic flame-retardant material rated UL 94 V-0 (gray or black plastic)

EPIC® rectangular connectors shall comply with all applicable requirements of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Standards 1977 & 498, VDE Standard 0110 for creepage and clearance distances and VDE Standard 0627 for the connector design. The EPIC® HD and HDD series are developed according to DIN Standard 43652.


EPIC® Rectangular Housing

HB Housing

Locking levers ensure a reliably secure connection between components. Housings are made of aluminum alloy with plated steel levers and bolts. PG threaded hoods come with a standard gland.


HA Housing

For use wherever space is limited, the locking levers ensure a reliably secure and water tight connection between components. Housings are made of an aluminum alloy or die cast zinc, with plated steel levers and bolts.

HB ULTRA Housing

Nickel-plated zinc housings offer protection from harsh environments including corrosion and electromagnetic interference. They include stainless steel levers and bolts and a built-in cable strain relief.


EPIC® Rectangular Inserts

- Crimp-terminated inserts require contacts to be selected based on the wire size (AWG) to be terminated.

HBE Series
Medium power & control

HEE Series
High-density power

HBS Series
High current

HBVE Series
High voltage, switch contact

HD Series
High density, small space

HDD Series
Highest possible density

Modular Series
Custom configurations

MP Series
Mixed power & signal

HA Series
Compact power & control

HQ Series
Medium power, small size

STA Series
Low voltage spring contacts

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EPIC® Rectangular connectors the perfect fit for:

      • industrial applications
      • machine building
      • control cabinets and in
      • outdoor applications.

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