Serving a wide array of applications for over 50 years, LAPP offers a complete one-stop Industrial & Factory Automation solution for your cable, connector, glands applications.

LAPP offers the broadest range of solutions including ÖLFLEX® Flexible Oil Resistant Control Cables, UNITRONIC® Electronic Cable & Industrial Profibus & DeviceNet, SKINTOP® Cable Glands Strain Relief Cable Glands, EPIC® Industrial Rectangular, DIN Circular, MIL-Style and Pin & Sleeve Connectors, ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Cables and ÖLFLEX® CONNECT.

Our products have been the backbone of innovation in Factory AutomationFood & BeverageAutomotive Cable and Machine Tool Industries for over 50 years. LAPP has become the preferred choice for leading industrial manufacturers.


When performance is critical, go the proven leader ... LAPP.

OLFLEX® Power & Control CablesOLFLEX® Power & Control Cables


OLFLEX® Power & Control Cables

LAPP’s OLFLEX® wires and cables have become synonymous with power and control cables.  Our flexible and oil-resistant cables satisfy the highest demands and withstand the toughest conditions.    

UNITRONIC® Data Communication SystemsUNITRONIC® Data Communication Systems


UNITRONIC® Data Communication Systems

LAPP’s UNITRONIC® data network cables & field bus components provide solutions for all applications in industrial machinery and plant engineering.  We offer dependable cabling solutions for Transmission of simple control signals, field bus signals in complex network structures and much more!

ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet TechnologyETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Technology


ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Technology

LAPP’s ETHERLINE® data products open a path to the future of Ethernet applications like PROFINET® Our ETHERLINE® technology is made of durable and robust cable and delivers effective solutions for almost any industrial application.  

EPIC® Industrial ConnectorsEPIC® Industrial Connectors


EPIC® Industrial Connectors

Whether the application is power, control, or signal/data, EPIC® connectors offer performance you can count on, providing secure and reliable electrical connections for all industrial applications.

SKINTOP® Strain Relief Cable GlandsSKINTOP® Strain Relief Cable Glands


SKINTOP® Strain Relief Cable Glands

SKINTOP® glands offer the highest degree of strain relief and protection. The product line features both polyamide and metallic options suitable for EMI and even explosive environments.

SILVYN® Conduit & AccessoriesSILVYN® Conduit & Accessories


SILVYN® Conduit & Accessories

With a large selection of highly flexible metal or plastic conduit and matching glands, your installation has all round protection with the flexibility and bending capabilities required for any application.

FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking SystemsFLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems


FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems

With FLEXIMARK®, you can mark cables, wires and components in different environments, from outdoor, indoor to harsh industrial applications.




Our goal at LAPP is to provide entire system solutions for your application requirements. You can trust our engineering expertise and proactive assembly processes.