Power cable; Flexible5G1.5; 12.9 mm; U0/U: 300 / 500 V; Core identification: ColoursandNumbers; UL listed;

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ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable -  Primary Image
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable -  Primary Image EPIC® M-D/R2.5 ASSEMBLY TOOL Assembly tool -   Secondary Image
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable - Icons
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable -   Icons
UKCA marked
UKCA marked
CE marked
CE marked
CSA certified
CSA certified
cUL listed, UL listed
cUL listed, UL listed
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable - Icons
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable -   Icons
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable - Icons
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable -   Icons
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable - Icons
ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI 5G16AWG Power cable -   Icons


  • Cable especially developed for use in the USA.
  • UL-listed according to type TC (Tray Cable) or TC ER (Tray Cable for Exposed Run) and STOOW (extra-hard usage flexible cord (600 V)).
  • Outer sheath made of special thermoplastic polymer for heavy industrial stress and improved longevity.
  • Core insulation made of special PVC compound.
  • Particularly oil-resistant and flame retardant.
  • High thermal resistance and good cold flexibility.


  • Suitable as a flexible power or extension cable.
  • For unprotected installation and occasional use in the end consumer circuit.
  • For open installation in cable trays without a protective conduit.
  • For occasional flexing in potentially explosive atmospheres in the USA.
  • Cable design and outer sheath make it suitable for use in harsh, oily industrial environments.
  • Suitable for outdoor use, subject to the temperature range.
  • For universal use in Europe for the wiring of cross-plant control circuits and control circuits inside machines.
  • In Europe for fixed installation and occasional flexing.
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Technical Attributes

General Information



Product type

Power cable


0.153 kg

Copper index (lb)

484.000 lb

copper index

72.027 kg

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal voltage

U0/U: 300 / 500 V AC rms after IEC

Rated voltage

600 V AC rms after UL TC
600 V AC rms after UL STOOW
600 V AC rms after c(UL) CIC/TC
600 V AC rms after cUL STOOW
600 V AC rms after CSA AWM

Test voltage

2 kV

Current rating according to

IEC 60364-5-52

Product Design

Cable dimension


Nominal conductor cross-section (mm2)

1.5 mm²

Nominal conductor cross-section (AWG)

16 AWG

Conductor material

Bare Copper

conductor design

IEC 60228 class 5: fine-wire

Including protective conductor


Number of cores




Nominal core diameter

3.18 mm

Min. outer diameter

12.37 mm

Nominal outer diameter

12.9 mm

Max. outer diameter

13.39 mm

Shape of cable


Core insulation base material


Core insulation basic material, short form


Base material outer sheath


Outer sheath colour


Core identification

Colours and Numbers

Product Characteristics

Application type

Fixed Installation

For torsional load


Usable according to NEC chapter 5

Class I Division 1

Minimum bending radius, fixed installation

4 x outer diameter

Minimum bending radius in mm, fixed installation

53.6 mm

Minimum bending radius, occasionally moved

4 x outer diameter

Minimum bending radius in mm, occasionally moved

53.6 mm

Temperature, fixed installation

-40 °C to 105 °C
-25 °C to 90 °C after UL/CSA TC
-40 °C to 90 °C after CSA AWM

Temperature, occasional flexing

-25 °C to 105 °C
-25 °C to 90 °C after UL STOOW
-25 °C to 90 °C after CSA AWM

Min. storage temperature

-40 °C

Max. storage temperature

40 °C



Flame retardance according to

IEC 60332-3-24



UV-resistant according to

UL sunlight resistant
EN 50525-1 (cables with a black sheath are suitable for permanent outdoor use)

weather resistant


ozone resistant




Oil resistant


Oil resistance according to

CSA C22.2 No. 210-15



Mechanically resistant


Certifications and Standards

CE marking


UKCA marked


UL recognised


UL listed


UL certification

UL TC-ER after UL 1277 (e-file number: E171371)
UL STOOW after UL 62 (e-file number: E146118)

cUR recognised


cUL listed


cUL certification

cUL CIC/TC 600V after CSA C22.2 No. 239 / CSA C22.2 No. 230 (e-file number: E171371)
cUL STOOW after CSA C22.2 No. 49 (e-file number: E146118)

CSA certified


CSA certification

AWM I A after CSA C22.2 No. 210
AWM I B after CSA C22.2 No. 210
AWM II A after CSA C22.2 No. 210
AWM II B after CSA C22.2 No. 210

VDE certified


HAR certified


Ecolab certified


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  • Notes

    • Photographs and graphics are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.
    • Please find our standard lengths at: www.lappkabel.de/kabel-standardlaengen.
    • Unless specified otherwise, the product values shown are rated values at room temperature. You can receive further values, such as tolerances, upon request if they available and have been released for publication.

Product Family List

All articles from ÖLFLEX® POWER MULTI

Article number Nominal outer diameter Including protective conductor Number of cores Nominal conductor cross-section (mm2) weight copper index
610803 21.3 mm Yes 3 10.0 mm² 0.641 kg 288.702 kg
610804 24.0 mm Yes 4 10.0 mm² 0.844 kg 383.944 kg
611003 17.2 mm Yes 3 6.0 mm² 0.342 kg 172.775 kg
611004 18.6 mm Yes 4 6.0 mm² 0.402 kg 230.664 kg
611203 16.0 mm Yes 3 4.0 mm² 0.188 kg 115.183 kg
611204 17.3 mm Yes 4 4.0 mm² 0.234 kg 129.750 kg
611205 18.8 mm Yes 5 4.0 mm² 0.286 kg 191.972 kg
611403 13.8 mm Yes 3 2.5 mm² 0.137 kg 72.027 kg
611404 14.8 mm Yes 4 2.5 mm² 0.167 kg 96.730 kg
611405 16.8 mm Yes 5 2.5 mm² 0.198 kg 120.541 kg
611603 10.1 mm Yes 3 1.5 mm² 0.110 kg 43.157 kg
611604 10.9 mm Yes 4 1.5 mm² 0.128 kg 58.038 kg
611605 12.9 mm Yes 5 1.5 mm² 0.153 kg 72.027 kg
611607 13.8 mm Yes 7 1.5 mm² 0.197 kg 101.019 kg
611612 18.3 mm Yes 12 1.5 mm² 0.330 kg 172.775 kg
611618 20.9 mm Yes 18 1.5 mm² 0.440 kg 259.237 kg
611625 24.5 mm Yes 25 1.5 mm² 0.598 kg 360.134 kg
611803 9.4 mm Yes 3 1.0 mm² 0.092 kg 29.763 kg
611804 10.1 mm Yes 4 1.0 mm² 0.106 kg 38.692 kg
611805 12.0 mm Yes 5 1.0 mm² 0.122 kg 49.109 kg
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