LAPP introduces our latest cable gland innovation:  SKINTOP® MULTI-M

The SKINTOP® MULTI-M is a round, multi-cable bushing system that provides space-saving, high packing density for unharnessed cables.  The compact design uses highly elastic gel technology to make pre-puncturing unnecessary, providing IP68 protection for cables, while unused entry points remain securely sealed to prevent entry of external elements.


SKINTOP® MULTI-M is UV- and oil-resistant, and silicon- and halogen-free.


Multiple sizes are available for maximum flexibility. The large clamping range provides greater application flexibility, with metric connection thread.


Used in areas where a lot of cables and wires need to be inserted into housings with minimum space requirements.


SKINTOP® MULTI-M is a compact, round multi-cable bushing system with innovative gel technology providing optimum strain relief for an entire cable bundle.


Easy – Fast – Secure!

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