From automotive applications and food and beverage to Industry 4.0, our global success is driven by pioneering innovations for a huge variety of sectors and markets.


We offer specialized cable connection solutions for all industries, precisely tailored to their respective requirements. Explore the areas in which our products are used and find out how we can help take your business forward with our industry-specific solutions.


Explore through our white papers, articles, and application stories for more information. 


White Papers


NEW Single Pair Ethernet

Manufacturers and users agree that Single Pair Ethernet is the future of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).  Read our NEW white paper to find out more.

Exploring the Role and Development of Category Cables

Category cable advancements have been driven by the need to support the transmission of sensitive data signals over increasing distances and at greater speeds for system operations.

Cable Solutions for Extreme High Temperatures

This white paper explains how LAPP cables rise to the challenge of applications in extreme temperatures.

The Next Generation of Advanced Robotics

Understanding robotics trends to keep you ahead.

Data Cable Solutions for the Flourishing Smart Factory

This white paper explains the important aspects of data cables for a smart factory. LAPP ETHERLINE® cables provide solutions.

Cable Carrier Design Guidelines

This white paper explains best practices for designing a cable chain and how to select cables for your application.


High-acceleration Servo Motors Create Cabling Challenges

Dive into the unique challenges of high-acceleration servo applications and the resulting specialty-designed servo cables.

Global VFD Solutions Exceeding Industry Standards

New VFD 1XL innovation launch and 3rd party Electrical Performance testing for LAPP's VFD cables. 



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Application Stories


LAPP is Hard at Work in Many Bottling Applications

From tray-rated continuous flex cables to hygienic cable glands, LAPP provided a complete cabling solution for western Canada's largest brewery. 


LAPP ÖLFLEX® CONNECT Hits Home Run with Data Center HVAC Collaboration 

A major North America heating, ventiliation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solution provider began designing a new cooling system for a social media company's larger data center.