Connectivity In Motion...

The evolution of the material handling industry is reaching an incredible pace. E-Commerce and an ever changing workforce is pushing traditional bulk handling technologies into becoming more highly advanced and automated. These new efficiencies demand a supply chain that fits short project timelines and ensures problem free installations and power on dates. 


Whether it be conveyors, robotics, automated storage and retrieval systems or pedestrian bridges Lapp is the preferred manufacturer and supplier for plug and play technologies requiring "connectivity in motion." 

LAPP recognizes the critical role that material handling systems play in productivity and supply chains. Our industry leading range of cables, connectors, glands, conduit, and cable assemblies are engineered to survive harsh industrial environments and meet increasingly rigorous demands.


The evolution of material handling systems has reached an incredible pace. E-commerce and a changing workforce demand that traditional bulk handling technologies become more advanced and automated. Improving the efficiency of material movement throughout factories, warehouses, and distribution centers improves operational success.


Constant and repetitive movement, and continuous flexing are only two of the challenges faced by handling systems. Cabling and connectivity provide the power & control, monitoring and reporting that keep your supply chain running at peak efficiency.

LAPP provides material handling solutions for every stage of your business:

Input, receiving               

    • Depaletizing
    • Positioning
    • Storage and retrieval

Throughput, operations

    • Conveyor and transportation
    • Robotics
    • Automated guided vehicles

Output, shipping

    • Packaging
    • Storage and retrieval
    • Palletizing and sorting

With both a regional and global footprint, we are where you are!

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