We fully serve each sector with wire and cable products that conform to prevailing protocols and standards for power and data as well as correspond to the rigorous demands inherent throughout industrial environments. And, our wire and cable brands are well-known for their quality, reliability, and durability. This exceptional combination makes LAPP the right partner to meet your particular industrial requirements.

Our ultra flexible range of cables along with our long history of automotive expertise have made us the preferred supplier in the industry.

Material Handling

LAPP recognizes the critical role that material handling systems play in productivity and supply chains. Our industry leading range of cables, connectors, glands, conduit, and cable assemblies are engineered to survive harsh industrial environments and meet increasingly rigorous demands.

Our full suite of products is designed to meet industry standards for cleanliness and to withstand washdowns and other abusive conditions in the demanding food and beverage industry.
LAPP produces a variety of hook-up wire, cables, cable accessories, industrial connectors and strain relief cable glands to deliver the high performance and flexibility that complex manufacturing environments demand.
LAPP's high-quality cables and cable systems reliably keep robots in constant motion even under intense conditions.
Whether the installation involves cables for flexing, fast motion or stationary needs, LAPP's high-quality products ensure high-performing, efficient operation.
LAPP offers a wide range of cables specifically designed and rated for tray applications to give you unrivaled reliability, flexibility and durability.


LAPP’s cabling solutions deliver reliable performance and energy transfer, even under the oil and gas industry’s harsh conditions like extreme cold, high heat, chemicals and rigorous flexing.


Superior reliability and durability are crucial in wind installations. Lapp cables are designed to withstand intense-weather-related threats, excessive flexing and twisting, and exposure to oils and EMI.