The newest edition to our industry-leading SKINTOP® family of cable glands.


SKINTOP® MULTI-M is a round, multi-cable bushing system that provides space-saving, high packing density for unharnessed cables.


MULTI-M is the latest innovation in the SKINTOP® MULTI series – a space saving bushing for large cable counts. Due to the metric thread the cable bushing system can be used in both tapped and through-holes.  The matching locknut is provided.


Cable installation is easy and secure thanks to the MULTI-M’s elastic gel technology’s innovative membrane seal. Simply push in the cable or wire, and the gel will provide strain relief for the entire cable bundle. Unused entry points remain sealed.



Product Features


Innovative solution for innovative industrial applications

  • 5 product options with thread sizes and entries
  • Cables can be inserted directly without using a puncturing tool
  • Secure sealing at the cable & housing
  • High packing density
  • Halogen-free and silicone-free
  • UV, Ozone, and oil resistant




User Benefits

  • No pre-puncture required
  • Large clamping range of 4 mm per bushing due to elastic gel technology with innovative membrane technology
  • Easy installation of the cables, even for high packing density
  • Optimum strain relief at the entire cable bundle
  • Unused bushings remain securely sealed



    • SKINTOP® MULTI-M including locknut and O-ring


Application range

  • Used in areas where a lot of cables and wires need to be inserted into housings with minimum space requirements
  • For un-harnessed cables and media lines
  • Apparatus and switch cabinet construction
  • Automation technology



  • UL pending


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  • Do you install non-harnessed cables only?


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  • SKINTOP® MULTI-M 32X1,5 / 8X2-6 mm
  • SKINTOP® MULTI-M 25X1,5 / 4X2-6 mm

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