A large North American indoor air quality systems manufacturer specializing in designing and installing custom heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions recently designed a new air handling system for a major social media company’s two new state-of-the-art data centers opening in Europe and Asia. They worked with ÖLFLEX® CONNECT to design a custom cable solution to meet their unique needs, and LAPP is assembling the custom cables in our Florham Park, New Jersey facility.


This advanced cooling system has been uniquely designed to prevent cross contamination between water and air, eliminating water side fouling and exhaust air issues. The HVAC designers called on LAPP ÖLFLEX® CONNECT to design custom cable assemblies. ÖLFLEX® CONNECT worked closely with the manufacturer’s engineers for over 12 months to create the cable assemblies and custom pin-outs to meet the requirements of this cutting-edge cooling system application.



The manufacturer’s patented cooling system will be used in the Europe and Asia facilities and requires a custom cabling solution. The first of these liquid cooling system implementations in the Europe-based data center has industry-leading energy efficiency, and will be supported by 100 percent renewable energy. The second data center is located in Asia to service a major global technology zone. Temperatures and high humidity in the region pose significant challenges for any cooling system. But it won’t be a problem for this patented cooling system, which also reduces water consumption up to 20 percent compared to existing indoor cooling systems.


To meet the complex requirements of these innovative cooling system applications, our customer’s engineering team relied on LAPP ÖLFLEX® CONNECT’s expertise and experience in cable assembly design, construction, and testing to jointly create a custom solution. The collaborative design developed by the engineering team utilizes Home Run Cables with 19-position M23 connectors and over-molding, and branch cables using 5-position M12 connectors. LAPP is building these custom cable assemblies in its US-based Florham Park, New Jersey facility.


With these new custom cable assemblies spec’d into this new advanced cooling system design, LAPP ÖLFLEX® CONNECT expects future orders as this innovative technology expands to additional high-end data facility cooling projects.


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