The Food and Beverage industry has some of the toughest hygiene requirements — putting cables and connectors to the ultimate test. Facilities require durable cables that provide the highest level of mechanical performance along with the ability to withstand harsh cleaning agents. Cables must also be flexible for easy cable tray applications. LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® TRAY II, VFD Slim, UNITRONIC® and ETHERINE® cables, and SKINTOP® cable glands meet these demands and more. Thanks to their durability, flexibility, tray ratings, and CSA and UL approvals, our cable products recently played an important role in a brewing company’s newest facility in western Canada.


A major North American brewing company recently constructed a 400,000-square-foot facility in western
Canada. For over a year, the LAPP Canada teamworked with Texcan — one of Canada’s largest wire and cable
distributors — as well as brewery engineers to select and install the best cabling solutions for this brand new
industrial facility.

“An important part of this process was making sure our products had the right approvals for the Canadian market and LAPP products do just that,” says Christina Cameron-Hayes, district sales manager for LAPP Canada.


Many LAPP ÖLFLEX® power and control cables are TC rated for use in cable trays — eliminating the need for conduit, saving material and labor costs. This rating, coupled with their flexibility, made them a logical choice for the brewery’s extensive cable tray network. The ÖLFLEX® Tray II cable, for example, features a pressure extruded, thermoplastic jacket and fine copper stranding for maximum flexibility. The brewery also selected the ÖLFLEX® VFD SLIM, a reduced-diameter shielded motor cable for variable frequency drives. This cable is designed with the LAPP Surge Guard insulation system that withstands nonlinear power distortions. This thin and highly flexible tray-rated cable requires less tray space than comparable cable. And LAPP cables feature chemical-resistant jackets that provide chemical resistance during rigorous cleaning.


As the food and beverage industry continues to leverage data to improve manufacturing efficiency, there is a growing need for high capacity data cables that can stand up to harsh manufacturing environments. This brewery will rely on data from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to more precisely monitor and regulate the beer-making process.


They selected data cables from our UNITRONIC® and ETHERLINE® families, which are known for providing high data rates in demanding environments. Available from CAT. 5 to CAT. 7, our ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet cables provide flexibility and fast response times, and our UNITRONIC® cables enable reliable data transmission for popular fieldbus systems.


Thanks to their flexibility, durability, and CSA and UL approvals, LAPP cables, connectors, and glands are relied on by many well knows beer and other food and beverage companies to operate safely and efficiently in this demanding environment.

An engineer at Texcan noted, “LAPP’s excellent customer service and willingness to adapt to changing requirements resulted in a smooth customer experience. From cable inventory to in-stock solutions, Christina at LAPP was always available to help provide a solution. We look forward to working with LAPP again in the future.”


LAPP is the best partner when planning your food and beverage operation, so they can meet the highest hygiene requirements.  We can provide you with a wide variety of cable and connectivity solutions that resist bacteria and other contaminants.