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H05V-K / H07V-K

A range of Harmonised approved PVC single core cables for use in the internal wiring of devices or for conduit or trunking wiring. Available from 0.5mm² up to 240mm² in a various range of colours.


Minimum bending radius for flexing: 6 x cable diameter
Temperature range: Static: -30°C to +80°C
Working voltage: H05V-K - 300/500V
H07V-K - 450/750V
Conductor stranding: Fine wire to VDE 0295, Class 5
Approvals: HD21/VDE 0281
In accordance with VDE Regulations: VDE Reg No 7030 for sizes up to 60 cores


See our full range of H07V-K Harmonised single cores.

See our full range of H05V-K Harmonised single cores.


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Multi Standard SC 2.1 / Multi Standard SC 2.2

These multi standard wiring cables SC2.1 & SC2.2 are UL, CSA and HAR (VDE) approved and are designed for use in control panels as well as for installation in conduits and trunking, applicable within the scope of the UL or Canadian or European standard specifications. They are particularly designed for use in the wiring of industrial machines in accordance with NFPA 79. Available in sizes from 0.5mm² up to 120mm², and in a range of various colours.

See full range of Multi-Standard single cores:


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Low Smoke Halogen Free Single Cores

H05Z-K / H07Z-K

A range of Harmonised approved Low Smoke Halogen Free single core cables for use in applications where the protection of human life and the environment is at risk from the formation of acid from fire conditions. Available from 0.5mm² up to 95mm² in a various range of colours.

See out full range of low smoke halogen free single cores.


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