Power your business with secure OT networks

Simple - Build & manage secure OT network in minutes

  • Easy configuration-free Plug & GoTM implementation without special IT skills
  • Create and manage access groups: Limit access, add new users and objects simply by drag and drop

Timeless - Deals with legacy & future systems

  • Technology makes the legacy hardware and future systems compatible
  • Internet connection, operator, and device agnostic

Secure - Tested & audited security

  • Technology based on two-factor authentication, automatic security updates and latest encryption technology
  • One TOSIBOX® Lock device protects all devices behind it

Modular - Unlimited expandability & flexibility

  • Easily extend the network when you need to
  • Grow from one object to thousands, without changing the system

Unique - Globally patented point-to-point connection

  • Point-to-point data flow: data streams directly between two modules, no cloud
  • Two-way communication offers the benefits of IoT plus remote maintenance with one technology


A Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Industrial Communication Solutions

LAPP is the strategic partner for marketing TOSIBOX® in Asia Pacific