LAPP Intralogistics September

Strengthening logistics processes in LAPP Asia Pacific ensures we deliver on our promise for cable harness solutions

The days in which the manufacturing and service sectors could be clearly separated are well and truly over. With flexibility and one-off production being the top trends for Industry 4.0, there is increased demand for “plug-and-play” solutions to realise end-to-end smart factory networks.


Evolution of Cable Assembly Solutions

Through state-of-the-art facilities, LAPP provides ÖLFLEX® CONNECT systems solutions for every possible industrial application – from the motion-intensive “robot chef” arms to modular systems for smart logistics. Where rising data volumes and mechanical requirements put increased pressure on cables, LAPP has proven to meet rigorous industrial demands time and again with the finest quality and tested standards.

Where Products And Solutions Become One

A comprehensive one-stop source for cable system requirements, ÖLFLEX® CONNECT comprises single cables to fitted servo connectors built for a variety of manufacturing needs, in addition to installation-ready modular systems.

Symbolising our forward innovation journey, ÖLFLEX® CONNECT goes beyond the sum of its parts, and embodies our comprehensive know-how of developing and producing a custom-fit solution for our customers, from start to finish.

Pickers have to weave through different locations for various parts, and check diligently for quantities per pick. Imagine repeating this manual cycle for 'n' times a week -- and additional rounds when there is a sudden ramp-up in demand!
Additional time is spent to track any missing parts down, while warehouse space also diminishes by the day, as more cables and components are added into profiling -- not forgetting that storage of components on the floor is not allowed.
There are various "wastes" that can be eliminated for efficiency improvements based on LEAN Six Sigma principle, to improve overall agility and resilience of the supply chain. Aligning our automation capabilities with long-term aims can also help to tackle existing challenges!


To resolve these pain points, a fully automated storage and retrieval system was installed on our warehouse premises at an appropriate space. Operators and pickers could conveniently view the BOM lists saved within the storage database via a touch screen interface, and items could be quickly retrieved from internal trays, while warehouse floor space was increased vertically at the same time.

Streamlining our daily warehousing and logistics operations and increasing process visibility through automation, the team is empowered to serve the custom harnessing needs of our customers, and truly create added value at every touchpoint.

The vertical lift mechanism has accorded us greater agility and at-a-glance visibility in our daily operations. Rising above manual challenges, we're more empowered to provide tailored picking strategies to meet our clients' varied needs with not just better products, but also better service…strengthening ÖLFLEX® CONNECT as a one-stop source for system requirements.
Mr. Frankie Poo, Vice President,
ÖLFLEX® CONNECT Business Hub, Asia Pacific
Innovation across industries: The pandemic can’t hold us back

Future-proofing the supply chain and logistics is crucial especially in a world challenged by the COVID outbreak. Outside of the LAPP offices and warehouses, it is expected that companies worldwide are seeing intralogistics as a vital factor to be implemented to ensure a continuous growth in the years to come.

Here are some installations that are found within the intralogistics sector, where LAPP plays a pivotal role in providing different product solutions in each of the applications, from Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to robotic stackers, all the way to Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS).