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Most businesses today rely on the use of cables for its operations, be it for connectivity within an office or allowing different machine and robot parts to communicate and work together, or even for the smooth running of essential utilities like trains. Hence, choosing the right cable types and its relevant protection, becomes a priority.

Cable protection often gets overlooked with various business processes to handle. However, not protecting your cables can be detrimental to your business, from facing productivity losses to jeopardising of health and safety and/or incurring financial and reputational damages. Safeguard your employees and maintain all machines and systems, by protecting your cables, to generate greater profits and achieve project success.

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Cable protection lowers operational stresses on cables

In their continued usage, cables are subjected to a lot of stress, which leads to various types of wear and tear. These stresses could originate from different sources such as:


Demands on cables arising out of pushing, pulling or abrasion caused by friction.


Excessive exposure to heat and light such as when sparks and splashes of molten metal or glass in factories land on cables. Conversely, extremely cold temperatures can also crack the cable sheathings.


In some situations such as oil refineries or Food & Beverages sectors, chemicals can erode the cable sheaths or break the wiring.

UV light exposure

If cables are used in areas with direct exposure to sunlight, they can be damaged through ultraviolet radiation.

There are different cable protection options to help counter these stresses, including braided sleeves for protection against mechanical stresses, conduits based on plastic or metal to provide resistance against heat and chemicals and more.

They help protect against environmental damage

Other aspects of the environment such as water, rodents and pests and foot traffic stepping on the cables can also cause significant damage if they are not protected.

When water mixes with electricity, it can lead to short circuiting, especially if the cables are corroded. Pests are a threat that can often be overlooked but some creatures with sharp teeth can gnaw on the cable sheath and cause serious damage. Special rodent-resistant braided sleeving can come in handy for protection in these scenarios.

Protecting cables means fewer health and safety incidents

In warehouses and other settings where many workers move around, it is important to keep cables tidy and protected. If they are not organised or arranged together in a compact way, workers could trip over them. If the cables then catch fire or short for some reason, it can cause serious damages to the health and safety of workers.

Robust cable protection can give you peace of mind

Aside from the direct benefits of protecting cables from operational stresses and environmental damage, cable protection helps businesses indirectly in other ways too.

Good cable protection allows you to do away with the need to buy or replace damaged cables due to wear and tear. This, in turn, minimises additional operating costs and achieves economies of scale.

Cable protectors also provide hassle-free cable management solution, preventing the need to untangle cables which can often be labour-intensive and time-consuming. By extending the life and maximising the performance of your cables, you can spend your time and money on other revenue-generating aspects of your business.

LAPP’s SILVYN® brand of protective cable conduits comprises various products with their individual characteristics suited for specific applications. Whether you are looking for conduits that can withstand thermal, chemical or mechanical stresses, the SILVYN® range has you covered. Discover more about LAPP’s SILVYN® products to choose the one that best suits your needs.