In theatres, conference centres, concerts, film and TV productions, sound, light, video and multimedia are the most important mediums of each performance and every show.

Any loss of sound or lighting during a live stage show doesn’t bear thinking about, particularly for high profile acts. High reliability of all components within sound and lighting systems is absolutely essential. None more so than the cables linking the many elements that make up the complex audio visual arrangements and effects. Most paying observers are totally unaware of the technology involved in presenting a spectacular and seamless show. They stand back and enjoy the overall experience oblivious to both the amount of equipment, cabling and connections involved and the sometimes manic preparation.

LAPP Light Flex

Within the stage lighting area, black sheathed cables are predominately used due to their “invisibility”. From our range we can supply a 18x1.5 or 18x2.5 PVC power cable, with a matt black outer sheath, rated up to 300/500V suitable for connection of lighting technology and dimmer racks. We have produced this cable specifically for the lighting connectors, the cores and the earth are positioned so they easily line up with the pins on the connectors allowing for a quick and reliable production. LAPP Light Flex is held in stock on bulk drums and can be then cut to your exact length to avoid wastage.

Cable Spiders

We are now offering cable spiders, 19 pin Female to 6 x 15Amp plugs, with 1.5/2.5mm cable, the male version is also available, 19 pin male to 6 x 15Amp female sockets made with 1.5/2.5mm cable. Custom tail length options are available from our in-house harnessing team, other variations are also available made to order.

LAPP Light Flex Harnessed Leads

The design of light systems employs the connection between control systems such as dimmer racks and their dependant peripherals. Using a cable harness makes it far easier to set up and move the show. Not only do the connectors facilitate speed, but aid efficiency by eliminating errors that may occur when linking up the systems. Touring shows and groups frequently live a frenetic life with economics demanding a minimal amount of time between performances. The de-rigging, transportation and setting up of equipment needs to be speedy and the rush often leads to accidental abuse. The connectors and cables have to be robust as well as reliable.

Using the LAPP Light Flex 18x1.5 or the 18x2.5 and the Phase 3 19 pin connectors LAPP can offer an off the shelf solution for your lighting harness requirements. Stock lengths range from 5 metres to 40 metres in 5 metre increments, and as we stock both the cable and connectors we can also supply bespoke lengths to your exact requirements.

The Phase 3 P3-19 connectors supplied with the harnesses have been developed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. The robust construction ensures continual and reliable operation. The rugged design has been tailored specifically for professional touring applications, and this has ensured that the P3-19 series in more than up to the challenge of life on the road.


  • Socapex SL 419 compatible
  • High impact all machined shells
  • Wear resistant anodised finish
  • Easy grip, heavy duty coupling rings
  • Thick wall section backshells
  • Integral insulation sleeves
  • M40 metric cable glands
  • Inserts marked with lighting circuit wiring
  • IP67 when mated
  • First Mate Last Break Earth Contacts
  • Multipoint gold plated contacts
  • ROHS compliant

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