Beyond Cables September
Did you know that moisture, dirt, dust contaminants and sharp edges of through-holes can all lead to cable damage? Safeguard and protect cables and wires as they enter electrical equipment, enclosures or devices, by inserting them into the housings of machines or control cabinets.
Some key factors you should consider when choosing the right cable gland
Cable Type & Size
Ensure the cable gland's
clamping range matches
your cable diameter for a
proper fit
Sealing Properties
Consider the level of protection needed for your application (e.g. water-tight or dust-tight seal)
Environmental Conditions
Choose the right Ingress Protection (IP) class & materials according to the environmental condition
Strain Relief
Ensure the cable gland offers proper strain relief to protect the cable from tension & bending stresses
Hazardous Area Classification
Ensure your cable gland has the right certifications for safe use in hazardous environments (e.g. ATEX, IECEx)
Compatibility (EMC)

Adequate EMC protection for sensitive electronic equipment or those which require electromagnetic shielding
Material Selection
From plastic, brass, stainless steel, and nickel-plated brass, select the one that best matches the level of mechanical protection required
Installation Method
For your preferred installation approach and material of the enclosure or equipment
Number of Cables
Choose single entry or multi-entry
Certifications & Standards
Ensure quality, safety, and compliance with relevant industry certifications & regulations
SKINTOP® Cable Glands:
Secure Connections in No Time
Available in two distinct designs, SKINTOP® cable glands are found in applications wherever there is a requirement to securely and efficiently fasten cables
Single-cable entry glands
Feed only 1 cable or wire
  • Simple installation
  • Modules can be exchanged individually
  • Reduces working time
  • Wide range of models (Halogen-free, anti-kink, PG or NPT thread)
Multi-cable entry glands
Insert multiple cables
  • Simply tighten or screw in without removing frames
  • Large clamping ranges accomodates different cable diameters
  • Unoccupied glands remain securely closed and sealed
  • Improved safety, simplicity and ease of use
  • Fast Assembly
    Multi-start thread reduces installation time
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
    Up to IP68/69
  • Optimum Strain Relief
    Hold cables in place regardless of external environmental influences
  • Wide Clamping Range
    Flexible lamellar design
  • Used across various industries:
    -Industrial Automation
    -Electrical Panels
    -Motor & Generators
    -Lighting Fixture
    -Marine & Offshore
    -Instrumentation & Control
    -Renewable Energy

Featuring innovative membrane technology, the multi-cable entry SKINTOP® MULTI VENT provides ideal venting of sealed housings, allowing high packing density of up to 29 cables of different diameters. Just push through and connect directly!
Suitable for all types of cables, discover the innovative multi-entry cable gland.