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From pharmaceutical and electronics to semiconductor and food & beverage, high quality standards for product safety in cleanrooms is essential for product manufacturing sectors. Besides stringent cleanliness standards, temperature and moisture levels in the semiconductor industry must also be precisely controlled for individual process stages, such as the lithography of the sensitive wafers – the tolerance for temperature deviation here is just 0.05 degrees Celsius.
Compliance on particle emissions in a cleanroom environment

Low outgassing components to eliminate contamination

Shielding options for protection against EMI

Small outer diameters compared to standard cables

What To Watch Out For In Cleanroom Compliance

A cleanroom can be classified into different classes depending how much particulate of specific sizes exist per cubic meter based on ISO standards. Regular tests are conducted every 6 months for ISO Class 5 and below cleanrooms, and every 12 months for ISO Class 6 and above cleanrooms.

Besides the right cable material to ensures particle count compliance during testing, machines or equipment inside the cleanroom, system components and even consumables may also influence the overall cleanliness of the space. In addition, electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by multiple equipment in small, enclosed spaces may have adverse effects on the accuracy and efficiency of the environmental setting.

Cable Requirements from a global supplier of cleanroom technologies

At Exyte’s1 state-of-the-art production site in Stuttgart, Germany, high-tech devices are manufactured primarily for the electronic, life sciences and automotive industries in uncontaminated environments (class 8 cleanrooms).

Exyte uses UL-listed cables from LAPP, to avoid any oversight for the operations of its precision air-conditioning devices. LAPP’s cables not only comply with the NFPA 79 standard, but also provide a further advantage of doing away with fittings in closed systems – for up to 40% reduction in cabling costs!

(Left) ÖLFLEX® CONTROL cable in the lateral channel blower pumps air on to the lens at high pressure & speed for a consistent temperature; (right) precision air conditioner at Exyte

Empowering LAPP's Commitment to the Cleanroom Sector

LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® Cleanroom Cables target low voltage and control applications which have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA to meet all the necessary cleanroom requirements. Certified either ISO Class 1 or 2, with many having flame-retardant properties, LAPP’s cables can be installed in the most stringent of cleanrooms in the world.