Each second of every moment, whether we are driving our cars, using our smartphones, or being notified by the fridge that milk is running out soon, we make use of technology that has microchips embedded within. Powerful yet tiny, semiconductors comprise of billions of transistors and other passive components fabricated into layers on silicon wafers.

Small but pack a punch, semiconductors have a critical role to play in the digital economy, with the segment forecasted to grow to USD1 trillion by end of 20301.

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Discover some of the different products our customers in the equipment and machine building sector have adopted to tackle the new challenges in semiconductor manufacturing:

Surpassing the Challenges of Semiconductor Manufacturing
With the roll out of megatrends like 5G Technologies, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) opening up immense possibilities, strong demand on semiconductor fabs to produce higher-performing, more complex chips for wafer fabrication is here to stay, to support markets with the highest CAGR requiring use of semiconductors2, namely:
Automotive including Electric Vehicles (EV)
GPUs and sensors are the important elements in a smart car system. As cars become more connected, cleaner and more automated, the semiconductor industry needs to develop more advanced sensors and communication modules to meet increased demand.
Data Centres
An essential infrastructure in our increasingly connected world, data centres will meet with increased demand on processing speed acceleration & memory growth, to cope with the demands of AI and big data processing.
Industrial Electronics
High-end computing from large data streams are needed to power next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.
The semiconductor segment
has to evolve through

1. Achieving higher miniaturisation and quality
Need to pack more transistors into smaller & thinner wafer sizes to make components smaller and meet increased computing speed

2. Maximising production capacity in a shorter time
To hasten the process from design phase of integrated circuit, silicon wafer fabrication to assembly, test and packaging (ATP), while meeting specific sector requirements (e.g. cleanroom)

3. Improving & upgrading machines and equipment used
Rigorous control of manufacturing environment and upgrading of equipment to improve power, performance, area, and cost of chip fabrication

Together, WE Engineer Progress
Partner with LAPP in the Semiconductor Ecosystem
As an active player in the machine builders and equipment makers (OEMs) market, LAPP's experts understand the need for cables & components to move and operate within machines according to industry standards for particle emission & outgassing properties. In line with its focus on high quality standards, LAPP invests in suitable materials that allow our products to be certified with IPA Class 1 or 2 to meet rigorous approval processess.
To macth our customers' unique needs, our ÖLFLEX® CONNECT teams focus on developing new concepts and demonstrating the feasibility of cable harnessing solutions. From start to finish, we accompany you to build a deep understanding of your product's needs, to launch, manufacture and scale beyond. By utilising our cable and connection know-how technology and innovating through close collaborations, we can tackle bottlenecks and realise performance gains to scale further.
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2. Semi End Markets Expected to Grow 9% through 2030,