Reliable Cable Strain Relief Any Time, Every Time

LAPP has revolutionised the global cable gland market with the innovative development of SKINTOP®, our patented line of cable glands. Designed for seamless use with a wide range of cables across diverse industries, they have been proven to enable strain-relieved fitting and hermetic sealing, securing cables whenever they are, in five steps or less!

Whether indoors or outdoors, from across moving machine parts to space-limited settings, SKINTOP® is the solution wherever industrial cables need to be fastened securely and quickly. Made to withstand temperatures as low as -70°C and as high as 100°C, these versatile products have been widely used in industrial segments everywhere:

Automated Manufacturing Systems
Wherever Cables are Subjected to Mechanical Stress
General Electrical Installations
Marine and Offshore Sector
Renewable Energies
Water and Wastewater
Food & Beverage


Ensure you get maximum performance from your cables and hoses by protecting them against mechanical stress to prevent ripping or kinking of cables, or cores being torn or broken from long-term tensile forces. This helps safeguard contacts and sensitive electronics from premature wear and tear.

Superior design & optimum strain relief
Long-term vibration protection
Quick, easy installation with the turn of a hand
Less parts (nuts/rings/threads) required
Resistant to heat, cold temperatures, sunlight, oils, acids and more
Available in small-quantity combination packs
Empowering Your Cables
Strain relief is important for cables and hoses that are being tightened, as many cables are bent or even constantly moved back and forth during operations! Strain relief solutions secure the cable in the cable gland, ensuring that bending forces are absorbed by the structure (such as SKINTOP® cable gland) on which it is mounted. Even before this, a bending protection spiral can also prevent overly tight bending radii from causing further issues.
Three Superior Design Features
  • Outperforming traditional glands, SKINTOP® does not require dismantling before use. Instead, an internal ratchet mechanism allows the cap to be tightened without twisting the cable as it compresses, to form a liquid-tight seal with the neoprene compression bushing.
  • An integrated locking mechanism includes an internal ratchet inside the sealing portion of the cable gland. This provides a self-locking and vibration-proof element that prevents the cap from loosening, even when subject to severe vibration.
  • The multi-trapezoidal thread requires just one twist to tighten the dome cap, automatically adjusting to the size of the cable and providing optimum strain relief and a liquid-tight seal.
Quality That Has Been
Internationally Approved

With international approvals such as UL, CSA, VDE, NEMA and DNV, the SKINTOP® series is recognised around the world as an excellent way of securing cable connections, with ATEX versions available for hazardous areas.

In addition to the nylon versions, the metallic SKINTOP® line also carries UL and NEMA approvals. Made of nickel-plated brass with a neoprene bushing, these cable glands are ideally suited for use in applications where durability is required.


Simply thread the cable gland and twist - and your cables will be perfectly centred, secured, hermetically sealed and ready for action! Choose from a wide range of models available in plastic or brass for variable clamping ranges or outer diameters to enjoy reliable bending and anti-kink protection in harsh conditions.


LAPP is continuously testing to ensure the quality of our SKINTOP® range. Our multi-cable entry systems (e.g. SKINTOP MULTI with innovative gel insert) is one example of a flexible system designed for the purposes of Industry 4.0. Customised hole configuration is also available on request.

More Savings with LAPP'S CURATED Combination Packs

For our customers in Asia, LAPP has also created combination packs consisting of glands and lock nuts in small quantities. We recognise that wear & tear is an unavoidable issue within the lifespan of a certain installation or an equipment. Hence, we recommend end users to replace the glands whenever necessary to ensure the system remain operational while not compromising protection.


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