In 1959, ÖLFLEX® was the very first control cable to be designed with colour-coded wires and was at the same time the first branded cable in the world. Today, ÖLFLEX® connecting and control cables are some of the most widely used in the world, and for good reason.


  • Flexible, almost entirely oil-resistant and universally applicable.
  • Fulfils the most demanding requirements for electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Comprehensive range for all environmental conditions, including wet/dry, EMC, outside/inside, various temperature ranges, etc.
  • Suitable for fixed connection or energy supply chains.
  • Also halogen-free and available with international licences

Fields of application:

  • Mechanical, tool, system and apparatus engineering.
  • Measurement, control, heating and climate technology.
  • Wind-powered and photovoltaic plants.
  • Public buildings, airports and stations.
  • Medical technology, the chemical industry, composting plants and sewage works.
  • The food and beverage industry.
  • Construction machinery, vehicles and agricultural equipment.
  • Stage engineering.
  • Mobile electrical equipment (electrical instruments, power tools, household goods).
  • And many more.

Our Brands


Power & Control Cables

ÖLFLEX® has become synonymous with power and control cables. Our flexible and oil-resistant cables satisfy the highest demands and can withstand even the very toughest conditions. In 1959, ÖLFLEX® was the very first control cable to be designed with colour-coded wires. Today, ÖLFLEX® connecting and control cables are some of the most widely used in the world, and for good reason.


Data communication systems

Our high-quality UNITRONIC® data network cables and field bus components provide a forward-looking solution for all applications in industrial machinery and plant engineering. From transmission of simple control signals to field bus signals in complex network structures – we offer a dependable cabling and connection solution for almost every situation.


Data communication systems for ETHERNET technology

Our ETHERLINE® products open up a secure, fast and reliable path to the future of Ethernet applications, e. g. PROFINET®. The systems are made up of durable and robust cables and connection components for passive and active network technology, and deliver an effective solution for almost any application, particularly in an industrial environment.


Optical transmission systems

HITRONIC® fibre optic cables make transmitting large data volumes easy: fault free, bug proof and at almost light speed. Even electromagnetic radiation does not interfere with the transmission. The HITRONIC® range includes the ideal solution for indoor or outdoor use, for demanding conditions, and even for use in power chains.


Industrial connectors

EPIC® industrial connectors can be found everywhere in industrial machinery and plant engineering, for measuring, control and drives. EPIC® is a flexible system of housings, inserts, and contacts: all extremely robust, absolutely safe and simplicity itself to assemble


Cable glands

Simply feed in the cable and twist. That’s it. Our SKINTOP® cable glands provide secure connections in no time. The universal systems are simple but effective. They secure and centre the cable, hermetically seal it and guarantee optimum strain relief.


Protective cable conduit systems and cable carrier systems

The universal range of SILVYN® protection and guidance systems protect cables effectively against dust, moisture, mechanical, thermal and chemical influences. The versatile SILVYN® CHAIN range of energy supply chains also protects and guides cables in dynamic applications.


Marking systems

The Requirement: permanent marking. The Solution: FLEXIMARK®. These sophisticated systems mean that a clear overview inside a control cabinet is no longer just a pipe dream. From simple labels to electronic markings, the FLEXIMARK® range is guaranteed to be permanent.