Lapp Oflex Connect
Today's evolving manufacturing industries emphasises on
speed, efficiency and ease of installation,
as digitalisation and automation redefine this dynamic new era in logistics.
When products and services are now seen as a single entity instead of separate components, customers look for effective solutions rather than individual products.

With a strong presence in Asia as a custom cable solutions provider, LAPP constantly integrates cutting-edge technology and streamlines management processes, to ensure seamless internal operations and customer satisfaction.

Boasting a highly-professional team of engineers, sales and service personnel with technical expertise in providing one-stop end-to-end cable services, LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® CONNECT “plug-and-play” system solutions can be tailored to fulfill customers’ connectivity needs for every possible application, all from a single source.
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Elevating Warehouse Productivity
at LAPP:
To enhance efficiency and accuracy for pickers in warehouses, a fully-automated storage and retrieval system was strategically installed. With convenient access to the storage database via a touch screen interface and a greater floor space with its vertical lift, all operators within the warehouse can swiftly retrieve items from internal trays, while maneuvering around the area with greater ease at the same time.
By automating our daily warehouse and logistics operations, it enhances process visibility, empowering our team to meet the custom harnessing requirements of our customers, thereby consistently delivering additional value throughout the process.
The introduction of this vertical lift & storage automation revolutionises our logistics and improves inventory management that boosts efficiency. This translates to streamlined processes, reducing lead times and enhancing overall efficiency.
With this automated system, the right material parts and cables can be more swiftly and accurately picked out. This precision ensures that our cable harnessing process is not only quicker but also delivers impeccable quality, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
By enhancing our logistics, we're saving valuable time at every step, directly improving productivity and speeding up turnaround time for customers.
The vertical lift mechanism has accorded us greater agility and at-a-glance visibility in our daily operations. Rising above manual challenges, we’re more empowered to provide tailored picking strategies to meet our clients’ varied needs with not just better products, but also better service… strengthening ÖLFLEX® CONNECT as a one-stop source for system requirements.
Mr Frankie Poo, Vice President, ÖLFLEX® CONNECT Business Hub, Asia Pacific
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