Hygiene takes top priority when it comes to processing food and beverages. Production facilities should therefore be designed according to the principles of Hygienic Design. That means cables, connectors and housing bushings also play an important role.

Standards for cabling solutions used in food and beverage technology:
When it comes to food and beverage technology, there are few industries which are so multifaceted and demanding in terms of the requirements they impose on their operating conditions. The high standards applied to Hygienic Design are also placed on the electric components, so the requirements specification for cables and accessories is diverse. They must be resistant to a whole host of chemical, thermal and physical stresses so that they can be used in refrigerated areas and damp environments and still fulfil their function reliably. In addition, they must be resistant to aggressive industrial acidic and alkali cleaning agents which are commonly used during cleaning processes. Specific products with tailored features must be factored in to guarantee secure processing and minimum downtime through increased maintenance and service intervals.

How LAPP can meet these requirements:
As a long-term partner to the mechanical and plant engineering industry, LAPP has a comprehensive range of standard and specialised products which meet the high demands of the food industry. We collaborate with many different partners throughout the food and beverage industry and are familiar with their specific requirements. We support our customers in achieving their objectives through product approval and testing in line with EHEDG, ECOLAB® and IPA cleanroom suitability as well as LAPP’s laboratory and testing facilities for individual product testing. In this way, we can develop a credible solution for each application:

  • Dairy processing/dairy technology
  • Meat and fish processing
  • Baking and confectionery processing
  • Bottling plants
  • Packaging machines

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