Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Bengaluru Vaccination Drive

We at LAPP, believe it's our responsibility to look after the well-being of not just our employees but also their families and the society we live in. Staying true to our focus on utmost attention on safety, we organized a vaccination drive at our Jigani manufacturing plant on 9th July 2021.

The camp was free of cost and helped us vaccinate 185 people including our employees, contract workers and other support staff. The drive not just benefited our staff at the plant, but also gave our corporate staff an opportunity to get vaccinated.

Through this drive, we could successfully vaccinate 317 employees, around 91% of our staff got their first dose through this camp while some others got the second one and are now fully vaccinated. This initiative proved very beneficial for all our staff and has helped us take another step in our quest of our employee's welfare.

Bhopal Vaccination Drive

As our manufacturing plant in Bhopal is located at a prime industrial are - Pilukhedi, we held a vaccination drive at our plant with an approval from the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. The camp provided free vaccine for all our employees, their families and the residents of nearby villages, thus benefiting the society at large.

With the help of village chiefs and the unit heads of the area, a lot of awareness was generated in the locality about the need and benefits of the vaccines. This awareness-generating exercise resulted in great turn-out and hence many residents from the nearby villages got their first dose at the camp.

We had set up 4 camps in the area through which we could vaccinate a total of 3000 people, out of which 106 were LAPP employees. The drive not just helped our staff, but majorly benefitted the residents of the nearby villages get their vaccination.

Every vaccine taken leads us a step ahead in this fight, together we can overcome this pandemic.